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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Ring by Any Other Name

There are so many things that can make a ring extra special. One of the first items that's bound to pop into the minds of some fashionistas is the ever-popular diamond, but there's certainly no rule demanding that all great jewellery must be encrusted with the most expensive and multi-faceted jewels possible (well, maybe if you're Marilyn Monroe –but then, we'd dare her to compare our incredible unbranded Swarovski crystals). Flowers are a popular choice, but we've never quite seen a flower ring with as much refined yet dramatic appeal as our new red rose crystal cocktail ring. Practically begging onlookers to capture your hand for a sweet sniff at its inviting petals, the rose is a large and lovely tribute to one of nature's most cherished flowers. Perfectly displaying the essence of fun and flirtiness in a cocktail ring, this piece has just a touch of the funky, with an ample dosage of classic beauty that's sure to make any gift recipient –even yourself-- involuntarily flutter a few eyelashes.

Janeo's red rose Swarovski crystal cocktail ring

Coated in romantic red shades of enamel, the rose gives off a rich and heady hue, making it a choice compliment for a stunning red dress or a stand-out accessory for pairing with a little black dress or other low-key clothing item. The rose itself is a true delight for the eyes, but it's the smatterings of Swarovski crystals that give this ring it's real magic. Strewn across the tops of the petals and set in 14k gold, trios of bright, lipstick-red crystals in Siam dance airily around the ring, providing plenty of sparkle power in all the right places. The outermost petals, dipped in the same luscious, gleaming 14 karat gold plate, feature echoing trios of crystals in clear, giving the piece a lovely counterpoint to the drama of the red. That drama is perhaps most evident in the ring's jaw-dropping centerpiece, which consists of a giant red Swarovski crystal belying the beauty of the very center of the rose, so surrounded in soft and coyly coiling petals. The ring features an adjustable band to fit any finger, and is just heavy enough to provide a satisfying weight without being overbearing or getting in the way; a great piece for going out on the town or wherever the times take you.

Janeo's red rose Swarovski crystal cocktail ring, alternate view

A garden theme may be popular for costume jewellery lovers, but be warned; you'll find no garden here. This ring is fixed on being the star of the show, drawing out the intoxicating appeal of a perfect blossom and letting it linger as long as possible in front of adoring eyes. A masterpiece made for a masterful jewellery collector, this red rose ring is a dream come true for stealing a bit of nature's most beloved bounty and offering it to those who look your way –so don't be surprised if it gets you some special attention.

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