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From around the world, Janeo Jewels presents today's hottest celebrities and budding fashion mavens wearing costume jewellery from 925 sterling silver, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with Swarovski crystals. They are setting the standard for fun and affordable fashion jewellery including leather wrist bands, men's stainless steel jewellery and women's charm bracelets. Janeo takes you center-stage to the juiciest news and hottest trends to hit the costume jewellery industry in years.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Spring Accessories Unveiled at Neiman Marcus

While some parts of the world may be feeling the full effects of the season, the depths of winter have yet to hit many areas, and tinges of cold may be seeming to carefully creep their way into homes and wardrobes, bringing out the heaviest of coats, scarves, and other winter weather accessories. How odd it might feel, then, to consider what the fashion world will offer this Spring; with many months of outerwear in store for scores of fashion lovers, the light and airy creations of the warmer months may seem a world away. But for patrons of Neiman Marcus, the time is ripe for getting a sneak peak at the accessories that will reign supreme come Spring.
As with any time of year, this Spring's accessory craze is bound to center largely on creative costume jewellery, with a special emphasis that Neiman Marcus representatives say will focus heavily on the wrists. Stacked, sparkling, or smooth, bracelets are set to play a major role in the season's costume jewellery collections, with a lighter concentration on the neck. Fun and flirty bags combined with interesting structural and fabric-covered shoes will also make significant appearances, suggests the major designer retailer. One of the biggest themes for Spring is set to circle around the idea of the safari, with plenty of neutral greens, rich browns, pastels, beiges, and tans creating a windswept, sandy, yet ultimately chic palette.
There's call for solid accessory pieces with hints of feminine appeal, making a laid-back march through the tones of the desert and the coast, calling fashionistas to bring out their natural fibers and help express the beauty of the earth. But that doesn't mean that classic sparkle and shine won't have their places amongst the season's all-star pieces. Neiman Marcus lines up jewellery bedecked with Swarovski crystals, creamy metal finishes, and sparkling gems along with more trendy items, letting shoppers mix and match the alternating rhythms of the subtle and the spectacular.
Janeo is stocked with a range of costume jewellery that can compliment the trends of any season, but it especially excels in delivering bangle bracelets and other treasures for the wrist with an ultra-high fashion quotient. From the delicate to the statement-making, Janeo's bracelets can be stacked, assorted, or worn alone to compliment any outfit. Putting together the perfect Spring accessory wardrobe may find you browsing through the shoes and bags an Neiman Marcus or your favorite fashion outlet, but when it comes to sporting trendy costume jewellery, your search is at an end.

a Janeo turquoise bracelet

Along with incredible bracelet choices, you'll find an array of versatile multi-purpose jewellery items, like USB flash keyrings adorned with elegant styles or lovable characters, and bag charms studded with crystals and beads. Slicing straight through the Winter to reach the effortless appeal of the Spring, costume jewellery will keep your fashion prowess warm through even the gloomiest of storms.

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