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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Wintry Tale of Golden Wonder

When the weather turns cold and gusts of icy wind or drifts of powdery snow threaten to make treks outside a shivering ordeal, there's little that's more enjoyable than a nice warm sweater –but accessorizing a favorite cold weather clothing item can be an even greater joy, highlighting personal taste and making fashion fun again, even in the midst of bitter winter days. Some of the very best winter accessories take on the theme of the cold itself, and the season offers ample opportunities for getting inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature. There is, perhaps, no symbol more appreciated for its representation of that natural and elaborate beauty than the snowflake, with intricate icy branches that recall the glitter of diamonds and the grace of perfect symmetry. What symbol or design could be better, then, for a winter-themed costume jewellery brooch? We're not sure, and we won't have to find out, either, thanks to Janeo's limited edition 14k gold snowflake brooch pin.

Janeo's 14k gold snowflake pin

Measuring a generous four and one tenths of a centimeter by three centimeters, this pin is perfect for brightening a boring winter sweater or securing a woolly scarf. No matter how it's worn, however, this classic yet contemporary piece has all the right components for delighting the eyes and playing with seasonal style. Beginning with a sizable golden snowflake, the brooch allows the eyes to follow geometric patterns of branches, culminating in three-lobed 14 karat gold finials that gleam with intensity and warmth. Set at the very center of the snowflake, a swirl of Janeo's beloved unbranded Swarovski crystals reflects the light and displays a beautiful array of colors, while a central larger stone creates a sense of luxury. Positioned next to the central snowflake, a smaller version creates subtle counterpoint, offsetting the design and adding a decidedly modern feel. The women's costume jewellery pin is crafted with a fully-functional stick pin and closure to allow for easy application to most types of fabrics.

Alternate view of 14k gold snowflake brooch

Summing up the natural spirit of the season in gorgeous costume jewellery materials, this brooch is sure to become a favorite item for bringing out the best of the holidays and for wearing well into the new year. The piece recalls the majesty of one of mother earth's most awe-inspiring and cherished phenomenons, and its delicacy serves to remind all who look upon it that while there may be many snowflakes in a single fall, each one illustrates a character and visual aspect to be appreciated and considered on its own. Wearing this exceptional example of quality costume jewellery, you –or a lucky gift recipient-- will feel that special character, embodied. Don't miss out on this delightful limited edition piece; once stocks of these special snowflakes are purchased and sent out in Janeo's signature organza wrapping, they'll be gone for good, leaving jewellery lovers to look for their winter inspirational wearables elsewhere.

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