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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Big Brother Casting Calls in London

Casting calls are bringing in characters that range from precocious glamour models wearing next to nothing outfits clad in costume jewellery to the out right strange for the tenth season of Big Brother. In England auditions have wrapped in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Dublin and Newcastle.

In London these characters have taken over the Excel centre to prove they have the face and flair to entertain us viewers. Just image this space glimmering with young talents hoping this show will be a launching pad to a career as solid as a stainless steel bracelet and as long as a string of grandma’s pearl necklace. But with over 1,500 personas to evaluate, how do these characters stand out? How is their ability to entertain and to be interesting measured?

Ask any applicant and they will tell you that the process is a long one. Applicants are screened, placed in workshops, complete two paper forms and are video interviewed. Anytime during this process a hopeful can be kicked to the curb. A person for Endemol, the television company, says they do not look for one type of personality. He says they just want someone that can keep the viewer interested for 12 weeks. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt if you look nice, wear great costume jewellery and fashions, and have a rockin’ bod to stare at for 12 weeks either.

Sometimes, in interviews, less is more. This way the interviewer can see who you really are. You can achieve this by wearing simple make-up and costume jewellery. Even out your skin with some foundation, put on a little mascara, blush and lasts put not least wear your favourite costume jewellery. A pair of diamond stud earring always completes the look.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Feeling the Burn

The economic crunch is being felt worldwide. Retailers like Bon-ton who plan to fire 1,150 employees and Filene’s Basement who are set to close 11 stores are forced to make these decisions as part of a cost reduction and savings plan. Other companies are evaluating their offerings.

For instance, many consumers cannot afford expensive jewellery, so they may opt for alternatives like costume jewellery. When switching the category to costume jewellery, an alternative that will sell, the category can have more debt. So customers can find whatever they need- bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles, brooches, and necklaces.

And like these retailers, we as consumers are faced with those same decisions and while we can’t fire family members, although some of us wish we could; we have to take other actions or change the category. This may mean not going out to eat and buying cheaper groceries, using the service of family members for childcare instead of a formal daycare, or you are that person who loves to shop and your alternative is costume jewellery.

Cutting back should not mean that you neglect your appearance. Fashion and jewellery is an expression. Find costume jewellery that’s tells your story and reflects the kind of person you are inside. Bold personalities wear bold costume jewellery like art deco brooches.

Reflect your style and find ways to save in tough times.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Geri Halliwell’s Engagement

Geri Halliwell is living every girls dream to be presented with a piece of jewellery that symbolizes love and commitment. Yes, Geri Halliwell is engaged to Fabrizio Politi after only a month of knowing him. Halliwell broke-up with Nick House, a London nightclub owner, in December and not even a month later she’s found a mate to meet her at the end of the aisle. Full details on this diamond ring are not yet disclosed, but The Daily Mirror Reports that it is valued at £220,000. So it will be interesting to find out if Politi took a traditional or modern route when selecting this diamond ring.

There are so many options available for costume jewellery and now there are no rules. For wedding costume jewellery, Halliwell has her choices of delicate earrings, necklaces, and bracelets designed with Swarovski crystals or she can adorn these same pieces with using a different material like stainless steel bracelets for groomsmen or glass bead necklaces for brides which would look great in a beach themed wedding. Using these tips allows you stay within your wedding budget. Sites are also available that cater to the bride and feature wedding collections full of costume jewellery fitting the occasion.
Although this seems like a hasty engagement, Halliwell is thrilled to make Politi a part of her family. He has bonded with her two-year-old daughter who she hopes to give a little brother or sister to very soon.

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Saturday, 24 January 2009

And Best Actress Goes To . . .

Kate Winslet has already begun to sweep this year awards season winning a Golden Globe and a Critics Choice award for best supporting actress. The most prestigious award in Tinsel town has yet to be received, but Winslet’s chance to land an Oscar for best actress looks promising.

At age 33 Winslet’s fiercest competitor’s include Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway with Angelina Jolie and Melissa Leo also in the running. We will have to watch on Februray 22 to see who takes home this honor.

Kate Winslet
has more to live up to than her current winning streak. Her dress at the and costume jewellery at the Golden Globes was atop of everyone’s best dressed list. So the pressure is on in the fashion arena.

Maybe these stars should take to the Janeo Jewels for the latest in jewellery. Many bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and more can be found here that make for a design unique to any other piece. Crystal costume jewellery brooches are perfect for this occasion. They come in flower and heart shapes.

I find it ironic that all the ladies in the best atress category have a classic and simple style. Anne Hathway and Meryl Streep are never photographed in elaborate, ornately designed garment. Even Angelina Jolie, while she is very much edgy, sensible piece with clean lines.

So for their costume jewellery, I say the bigger the better. I hope to see one of these ladies in costume jewellery emphasizing their neck with a beautiful necklace, or their face with swarovski crystal earrings.

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

In Politics and Entertainment

The United States still chants OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA even after all the festivities end. In world news, this is still the topic of the day. With his American flag pendant, the first tasks on President Obama’s agenda have been the closing of Guantanamo Bay detention center and establishing a plan to bring harmony to the Middle East.

While President Obama remain in the forefront; naturally, Michelle Obama has slide into the background as President Obama begins his legacy. After the unveiling of her inaugural gown, she has taken her place as First Lady. She chose a dress by designer Jason Wu to wear on inauguration night, as the couple appeared at multiple star-studded balls around The District. The glitz and the glam of Hollywood descended on the world of Politics for the night. People were dressed in costume jewellery and their best and warmest clothes to catch a glimpse of President Obama.

Many of those artists who performed at the We Are One Concert showcased their talent at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball such as Shakira and Mariah Carey whose microphone stand was blinged-out with clear swarovski crystals.

Kanye West performed for the Youth Inaugural Ball hosted by MTV. And like many, I was disappointed with his image. His usually flawless, fashion forward look has been morphed into the look of an 80’s reject. I doubt any fashion magazine puts him on their best-dressed list this year. Here’s some advice to Mr. West. Put on some costume jewellery! Try a stainless steel piece for a more polished look, maybe a stainless steel bracelet or necklace. If you don’t like stainless steel costume jewellery try wearing swarvoski crystals. Even costume jewellery like diamond stud earrings, it will give you some shine because you are looking a little dull.

Check out these pictures found on WWD of the President Obama, the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, Mr. West and more.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What Will She Wear?

The question has been burning the minds of designers everywhere. Everyone wants to know whose garment Michelle Obama will wear to the inaugural ball tonight. For months, designers have been sketching and submitting their designers to our new First Lady and fashion trade publication Women’s Wear Daily.

But you don’t have to wait for tonight’s inaugural ball to catch a glimpse of Mrs. Obama’s fashion and jewellery choices. From the We Are One concert to the inauguration, Mrs. Obama has filled the nation’s capital with, style, prestige, and honor.

At the We Are One concert Michelle Obama wore a Narciso Rodriguez ensemble in black and camel with beautiful diamond chandieler earrings.

For the kids concert the First Lady wore J. Crew along with a turquoise and blue fashion belt that was reminiscent of art deco brooches from Janeo Jewels.

At the Inaugural Ceremony Michelle Obama shocked designer Isabel Toledo by wearing her gold ensemble that sparkled like swarovski crystals.

Tonight’s garments will have precedence over anything Michelle Obama has worn throughout her political career as she stands alongside her husband, President Obama. But don’t forget the jewels. When it comes to formal events costume jewellery is as important as the dress. Whatever garment or costume jewellery Michelle Obama wears, I’m sure she’ll be chic. If she had on a potato sack, swarovski crystal chandelier earrings, glass bead necklaces, and layered swarovksi crystal bracelets, she’d still look great. She seems to pull off any look seamlessly.

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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Alexander McQueen for PUMA

PUMA has been revived with a burst of creativity that leans a little bit to the left. It provokes the provocative with the collaboration of Alexander McQueen and PUMA. A brand new image has been crafted that symbolizes the fusion of PUMA and this London born designer. This image is known as the ManCat, McQueen representing man and some level of humanity that we all possess while PUMA represents the animal.

McQueen and PUMA are taking on the world of sports fashion in such a new and interesting way. Instead of the use of rhinestones and costume jewellery on footwear, McQueen is inspired by the human anatomy. He concentrates on the foot as it is structured with tendons, veins, and prints. He also uses inspirations from the spine and the tooth. He even uses a cross between the feline and human tooth as the Alexander McQueen PUMA brand logo. The fused tooth is reminiscent of costume jewellery that is sleek and durable, specifically stainless steel jewellery. It reflects this costume jewellery through its lustorous, shiny texture; and the lines of the feline tooth logo have refined curves. I could see this piece hanging from a choker or the use of this material for a stainless steel bracelet, bangle, or pendant.

Above is a stainless steel bracelet from Janeo Jewels. This costume jewellery demostrates the provactive nature the Alexander McQueen PUMA collection.The links of this wide stainless steel bracelet can be removed for size.

So not only can the human body be inspiration to your wardrobe or creativity, your costume jewellery can be to. The kaleidoscope of colors that can be found with swarovski crystals can brighten up any outfit or can inspire a new lipstick color. The collection from Alexander McQueen and Puma should encourage us to get inspired!

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Friday, 16 January 2009

Victoria Beckham-Fashion’s Muse?

Victoria Beckham has had the white lights of Hollywood shinning on her full beam for the last three years. And yes, she is not the only Spice Girl that has been parading her drama in the United States. I don’t think anyone will forget the now infamous paternity battle that Mel B, or Scary Spice if you like, had with Eddie Murphy. For those of you not in the know, that gorgeous baby girl was his.

As Victoria Beckham graced cover after cover, she became somewhat of a fashion icon. Okay maybe fashion icon is a stretch, but she is definitely a woman of distinct style. Whether out shopping or attending one of her son’s soccer games, Victoria Beckham is wearing the latest trends in fashion and costume jewellery. After all, it is the real jewels that inspire designers to make affordable costume jewellery for us non-celebrities. She wears jewellery like diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and oversized rings to match her oversized sunglasses. In one photo of Victoria Beckham, she wore the most glamorous diamond drop ball earrings. I immediately took to the internet and found exact replicas. They are drop ball earrings with a cluster of swarovsky crystals. Unlike Beckham, I will not feel awful if they were to slip off my ears.

Her fashion flair garnered the attention of Mar Jacobs and most recently Giorgio Armani. She is featured in his new ads for Emporio Armani underwear. In this ad she wears magnificent jewels, most certainly Armani. This includes a diamond ring and earrings. This is the most gorgeous I have seen her in any photograph. Don’t you think so?

Check out the drop ball swarovsky crystals.

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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Our first 15 winners...Deborah Skinn; Tom Luk; Marita Maggott; Alison Fiddy; Richrad Sheret; Thea Stewart; Michael Palmer; James Smith ; Monica Pr

Winners: Deborah Skinn; Tom Luk; Marita Maggott; Alison Fiddy; Richrad Sheret; Thea Stewart; Michael Palmer; James Smith ; Monica Price; Hayley Witherington;
Paul Hill; Joanna Daniel; Fernando Cruz; Michelle Smith; Helen Fensome

Congratulations to our 15 winners, you will be hearing from us!

Hey Guys and Girls;

So here’s the 15 winners from 1st to 15 January, of the daily prize draw at Janeojewels.com. Our new permanent daily prize draw with an array of jewellery prizes for all! One a day, every day for 2009!
Get your friends and buddies to register; and register your self of course if you haven’t done so already!

Loves in the air. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Before the After Party, Celebs Party on the Red Carpet

The Golden Globes aired Monday, January 12th. Before the event began celebs, paparazzi, and fans lined the red carpet with barriers that separate the glamorous from the unglamorous and the observers from the entertainers.

As artist from the hottest shows on TV filed in line to make their stops to be photographed and interviewed visions of elaborate costume jewellery and gowns graced the body of your favorite actresses. But let’s not forget the men. Don’t think for one second Hollywood men don’t concentrate on their appearance as much as the women do. They too, want to be the one wearing the hottest suit and the hottest costume jewellery. It doesn’t matter what lengths they have to go to wear the hottest jewellery, although usually not that far because they are celebrities.

This jewellery is often borrowed because of the expensive price tag. Rarely is it owned by the celebs, and a lot of the time the ornate pieces are simply and most sensibly costume jewellery. Whether it is a huge diamond rock on someone like Nicole Kidman’s finger or chandelier earrings worn by the years biggest leading lady you better believe it has a very fair chance of being costume jewellery, especially since a craze of wearing swarovsky crystals has hit Hollywood. This is why the most important question asked by interviewers on the red carpet is, “Who are you wearing?”

This question bolsters names like Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, and the list goes on. But like always what is more important than the frocks, are the jewels. With jewellery, the most simplistic garment can be taken to another level of sophistication, glamour or edge. It lets you achieve whatever look you desire. From the red carpet to the after party of the Golden Globes, we examine Kate Beckinsale’s look and what makes her shine the brightest in a sea of stars.

Kate Beckinsale is shown wearing a simple strapless gown that contours her killer body. She wears white the most neutral of colors, but with the addition of her silver bracelets and chandelier earring her olive skin and dark hair pops off of the screen. Along side Kate Beckinsale are Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria.

Make the sensible decision and invest in costume jewellery. Find chandelier earrings and silver bracelets like those worn by Kate Beckinsale. Below are topaz, clear, and crystal chandieler earrings and also one of my favorite costume jewellery pieces that I have found on the internet- a rhodium bracelet with clear and opaque swarovsky crystals.

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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Homme After the Holidays - Spring 2009

Dior Homme has just come out with their new sunglasses for spring 2009. Remember the 60’s when they used to sell those 3D viewer glasses. We would go to the movies and put on these ugly glasses and it would let us see the movie in 3D.

This fellow looks like he’s just had an eye operation and can’t go out in the sunlight. Or maybe he lives in the UK where there is no sunlight, who knows.

They look kinda funky though, don’t they? Like the mask of the Ole’ Lone Ranger or something like that. Fashion just seems to get weirder and weirder, an expression of our culture. Who needs these uncool sunglasses to hide behind. No eye contact, no smile… a kid surely hiding something.

The leather jacket is nice. Kind of a calm but tough look, don’t you think?

Can I be so bold as to make a suggestion? Dress this guy up a little with some jewellery.
A nice men’s costume jewellery necklace and bracelet. I mean if he’s already going to look like he’s from outer space, we may as well adorn him with some crystal balls. Soon he’ll be telling our fortunes.

Here’s an idea. A trendy men’s Necklace in Solid stainless steel from Janeo. Adjustable to fit any size neck with oval ball links. The matching stainless steel bracelet has interlocking links and sturdy steel panels which give it a Nordic type look of strength and stability. Perfect for this guy with the weird glasses.

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Supermodel With Values - Gisele Bundchen

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has stunned the fashion world by announcing she will never pose topless. Her gazelle-like figure is jealously different from the boyish physiques we see today on the catwalk.

Not only beautiful, but smart, Gisele earned 17 million pounds in 2007. She was discovered by Brazilian model scouts at the age of 14 while eating hamburgers during a school trip. Wouldn’t she be a coup for one of the fast food burger chains. What a spokesperson. I can just see it now, “Supermodel eats Hamburger and still keeps her beautiful figure.”

Gisele Bundchen has her own brand of footwear, called Ipanema Gisele. She has also been the face of Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Versace, and Celine, as well as cheap-chic high street store H&M and many others.

In between working for every big name fashion photographer from Meisel to Testino, she fundraises for charity and tries to go home to her family in Horizontina as often as possible.
Fund raising is at an all time low and she won’t even pose nude for charity. What is our world coming to? Finally a supermodel with values.

I imagined what Gisele would wear on the beach. Jewellery would be nice especially costume jewellery because real jewellery could get tarnished, lost or stolen.

Wood is another good option in chunky bangles and crystal beads.

Rings are better taken off unless you wear the same ring all the time; otherwise you may end up with white stripes across your fingers.

Diamonds, look vulgar and haughty on the beach, unless you want to attract attention from other haughty people. They just sparkle too much in the sun - unless you want to blind someone. Long loose necklaces, stud earrings and bangles are great because they are always moving so you can't get lines around the wrists.

Of course if you can afford to go to a beach in January in this economy, I guess you can wear whatever you want. There may not be too many other tourists around, so it won’t matter anyway. So I went searching for the perfect winter wonderland costume jewellery piece that would compliment both winter and summer seasons, no matter where you vacation.

Stretch glass beads bracelets from Janeo with silver foil and stripe beads stretches with you. So no matter where you are; playing volleyball on the beach or just hanging out in a London Pub, this stretch glass bead bracelet combo is the ideal piece of costume jewellery. There is even a graphite combo with subtle pink foil beads.

The fitting can be made tighter by putting an extra knot on the stretch string.

It’s part of Janeo’s Costume Jewelry Bracelet Collection. It really makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift, a bracelet with hearts, solid glass with unique heart shaped beads.

Actually it’s one of our most popular items but don’t worry. Whether you wear it in Rio or in Europe, you’ll still stand out as a fashion maven, no matter what else you’re not wearing.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Jennifer Lopez's Bracelet Debut

J Lo just made the cover of Harper's Bazaar's best dressed list, when she appeared on their December 07 cover a year ago.

I just don't get it.

Here she is, this famous singer, actress and fashion icon and she hates dressing up for showbiz events. I wonder if she hates costume jewelry too…. Or does she just has a preference for real gold and silver jewelry and gems rather then costume jewellery ?

Where did she get that PR idea from?
Certainly not from me.

Then she has the audacity to insist "her days of gracing red carpets in eye-catching outfits are over.
OH JLO….. If you not going to swing that bod of yours, draped and covered in a wonderful long bead necklaces, pinned with crystal brooches at unconventional places around you body how are you going to glisten girl……. You may be a made star now.. but believe us…… without the finery of costume jewelry…. Even a star will lose prominence…..

What if you adorned your hands like a Indian bride with sophisticated costume jewellery like bangles and bangle bracelets, your delicate fingers with cocktail jewelry rings and your beautiful neck with amazing choker necklaces laced with Swarovski crystals?

How will our society survive without JLo walking down the red carpet in all her glory?

What is our world coming to?
(Actually, I think its a fad! She’s saying these things to bring attention in a clever way, so people like us will comment… and aren’t we just commenting!! She loves her jewelry, and better still, the fab costume jewellery pieces, like Janeo sells…… because it’s always new and expendable).

I don’t understand why people see costume jewelry as expendable…. The stuff at Janeo is so cool and durable…. It’s quality, classy and funky …..Costume jewellery at its best!... Yes, perfect for our JLo!)

Now that she has her own fashion label called Sweetface, she insists she is not into "sexy, sexy" anymore and she's not going to attending events anymore just to show off her great sense of style.

What? No Bangles, jewelry bracelets, crystal brooches….. all loaded on her delicate arm…?

No … Please tell us it ain’t so Jo…

Well what did she run for best dressed star for, if she's not going to show us her stuff?


I guess the going-out-and-being-glam thing just gets old fast.

What's the point of being gorgeous and talented and well dressed if you're not going to show everyone.


I mean even in this picture she's sporting some gorgeous jewellery bracelets similar to the Woman's Bangle Bracelet in Pewter from Janeo Jewels, with Multi-Pastel Swarovski crystals on a heart filgree pattern.

Imagine what she'd look like in this stylish, slim, limited edition crystal bangle bracelet…… not just one bangle .. but 4, 5, or 6 jewelry bangle pieces .. from the selections at Janeo( link to category page of bangles) offers, all on ONE HAND

I know I'd turn my head to look twice, even if she was well dressed over a year ago.

Wouldn't you?

Dear Jo…. Come on… don’t you think it’s just a phase?

I mean, like without jewelry, and costume jewellery especially… how can you walk down that red carpet?

Let Janeo shower you with our crystal jewelry and the best costume jewellery you can find…. And then imagine yourself as you walk down that red carpet….all eyes are on you and your gorgeous costume jewellery. So don’t worry about what you’re going to wear. Just about your jewelry.

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