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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Is the Jewelery You Wear a Matter of Taste?

If you look at the things that you wear you would notice that there are somethings that you love and other things that you feel are just OK. When it comes to your jewelery the matter could be about the same. If we look at the media they show various products that could make our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling. The better the advert the more we may consider that we need to purchase that item. So if the jewelery we have is a matter of taste, how do we develop that taste in the first place?

Life of your dreams

If you consider that in the many films that are watched you would see that the characters may be wear beautiful and wonderful jewelery. The life style of the characters could seem as those they are living the life of their dreams. So seeing these types of images on a regular basis could have the effect of the viewer wanting to live a similar life style. These movies could tend to portray people with great wealth as being very happy. Hence the viewer may at a sub-conscious level of the mind feel that if they had the things that the characters in the films have would cause the viewer to be also happy.

Is it all about how we think?

So is the jewels that we like just a matter of taste? It is interesting to consider where that taste is coming from. And it would be useful to understand how taste is developed. Because if you can develop a new taste then you could well be enjoying new things. When we come down to it, could everything all be just related to the mind? If you consider some thoughts make you feel good while other thoughts cause you to feel bad. So could what we really need is the ability to control our thoughts and our way of thinking. If we can change our life by the way that we think, then we could in theory be living the life of our dreams just by changing the way that we think. Some philosophers have suggested that by forming a clear picture of the life that we want to live could be the first step in imprinting the idea on our mind. If this is the case then you could begin to change your life by thinking on different things.

So think about the jewelery that you currently like. Now look back in your life to see where you first thought of that type of jewelry. It could be useful to consider what did you feel when you first saw that jewelry and who was wearing it. Could by looking at how you developed your taste allow you to develop and change your taste for different jewellery at will?


So perhaps the type of jewelry we wear is a matter of taste, but by the same token we may also be able to change our taste by virtue of changing the way that we think. And say if we change the things that we are influenced by, this could in turn change our taste. What are you views on this point? Do you feel that you can change your taste in jewelery by changing your thoughts and the things that influence you?

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The 3 Things I Like About Jewels

Nice Presents

Some people like jewels, some people love them, so what is the fascination about jewellery? Jewels can be different things to different people. They may be used for looking good, and adding to a garment for wearing out in the evening. They could be seen as an investment which could bring great returns in the future. They could be seem as a nice present to give to friends and love ones. But what is so great about them, Let us look at some of the various types and their various uses.

The Ring

The ring is one of the items of jewellery that has been used for a vast number of purposes down through the ages. We have seen them worn for ceremonies, going to parties, and evening of entertainment. The ring in our modern society has been used as a symbol of unity between a man and a woman. They have been used a symbols which shows two people who are engaged to be married, this is in the form of an engagement ring. They have been used as a sign to show when two people are married, this ring indicates that the man or woman is taken. The ring that a woman would tend to have as a marriage ring could be a golden ring with maybe one large diamond or a number of diamonds arranged together. But in general the ring may be just a band of gold, which could be inscribed on the inside. Engagement rings are generally a golden band with one or a number of precious stones, This is a symbol which shows that a woman is about to marry.

The Golden chain

The chain has been around for numerous years and is likely to be around for many more. Chains have been worn by women and men and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chains are very popular as gifts, and have been given as presents for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. They seem to be very popular, silver chains have also been given as gifts. Chains can also come with an attached pendant. Pendants come in many designs,the cross being use as a form of religious use.

The Bracelet

These tend to be bands of gold, silver and other materials that are circular and are worm loosely around the wrist. They can be encrusted with precious stones. These have been worn by both men and women, but women tend to be the main wearer of bracelets.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

Paresh Raja is an author and expert in the field of Jewelery, to find out how you can benefit from quality jewels go to http://www.janeojewels.com/

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Jewels to Make Your Eyes Water

Treasure Islands

What are jewels to make the eyes water, if you think of jewels you may think of the idea of hidden treasure on a treasure island. The idea of finding lost hidden treasure has been the subject of a great number of films over the years. The stories of people searching through the African Continent in search of hidden treasure has also been around for many years. This desire for treasure for the main part may be linked to the idea of becoming rich and wealthy. The fascination of getting large amounts of wealth is an activity that many people in many nationalities seem to be occupied with. People on a weekly and daily basis spend money on various forms of gambling in order to become wealthy and rich. There is even stories of an afterlife where the streets are paved with gold and other precious stones.

Good things in Life

So why is there so much interest in jewellery and why is there such a preoccupation with the idea of getting it. It could be said that having great amounts of jewels and precious stones could be associated with the idea of being rich and wealthy. The desire to be rich is the desire of most normal people. The idea of having more than enough to live on seems to be the main drive in most modern societies. People tend to be working most of there lives to get the good things in life, and this is reflected in many of the large stores that have many of these items on display.

Disgrace to Die Rich

So will mankind's appetite for jewelry, gold and precious stones be satisfied? Is it possible to have enough jewels and wealth? If you look at many of the wealthiest people around today it would possibly seem as though they are continually working towards increasing the wealth that they have. The desire to get more and more never seems to be satisfied. One irony was a statement by the late Andrew Carnegie, he said it is a disgrace to die rich. He had spent most of his life running the steel industry, and had amassed a vast fortune, at one stage it was said he was the richest man on the planet. So what made one of the wealthiest men make a statement as "it is a disgrace to die rich". It would seem that after amassing such a large fortune, he may have looked at life and realised that there is more to life that having vast fortunes.

Loving Relationship

So if people could realise their dream and have jewels to make the eyes water, would that give the satisfaction that is desired. Or are the things that we really desire in life, things that you can not touch with the hands. Could it be that the things that really matter is a loving relationship, or a state of peace in the mind? Or is it possible to have great wealth but also have a loving relationship and a happy life.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

Paresh Raja is an author and expert in the field of Jewelery, to find out how you can benefit from quality jewels go to http://www.janeojewels.com/

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Why Buying New Things Such As Jewelery Could Be Looked on As Therapy

You may be thinking how can buying things like jewelery be considered as a form of therapy. Let us look at the meaning of therapy. According to the Free Dictionary it means treatment of illness or disability, Psychotherapy, healing power or quality. So could buying of jewelery be considered to have healing powers. Let us look at this in more detail.

The Shopping Experience

A more general question that we can look at is does the buying of new things have healing qualities? Or we could also look at does the act of shopping have benefits to the mind. For some people shopping could be seen as a social experience, this could be where friends may visit shops, to enjoy a time of discussing the virtue of different goods. For example when a woman is getting married she may visit a number of different shops and may get great pleasure in trying on different dresses. So in the same way looking and viewing various pieces of jewelry may get a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.

So it may not be just spending money and buying jewelery which is of importance but the experience of planning a shopping trip, followed by the experience of viewing the goods in various shops and also the pleasure of being with friends during the experience. So the idea of buying jewelery if looked at in a bigger picture could involve the following benefits. You could be improving your planning skills, you could be having social interaction, you could be enjoying the pleasure of visiting beautiful shopping areas. Indeed the layout of many shopping facilities allows a person to have a very wonderful experience. So a day out shopping for jewelery with friends may be a very rewarding experience for the mind.

A Holiday Shopping Experience

There are many centers of jewelery around the world and travel to these places can lead to a very interesting and wonderful holiday. So the idea of shopping for jewelery world wide could lead to an interesting holiday experience. By the same token a person may also get pleasure in looking at items over the internet. So perhaps the shopping experience can be fulfilling the metal needs and not the act of buying any particular goods or services.

Conclusion Buying of jewels may not give the benefit, but it could well be the shopping experience that is what really gives the real benefit to a person.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

Paresh Raja is a Author and expert in the Jewellry Business to find out how jewelery can enhance your experience go to http://www.janeojewels.com/

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sequin Embroidery Brooches That Create That Special Look

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have that very bright look, and a great golden jewelery effect. May be this effect could be obtained a number of ways, but my favorite is by using Sequined Embroidery Brooches. Brooches have been used for a countless number of years. They come in a variety of styles and designs. These have been used for a variety of different occasions, and seem to be loved by many people.


What is the origin of brooches they were known as fibula, It is an item of jewelry that is attached to clothes. Brooches are generally made of metal, for example gold,silver. bronze as well as other metals. They have been seen to have various gemstones and various types have been used from very expensive diamonds to types of less expensive stones. They are generally fixed to garments by use of a pin.

Historic use of Brooches

The fibula have been use in various ages, by various people including the Romans, Greeks, they have also been seen during the early bronze age. One of the uses was as a type of safety-pin in holding items of clothing together. So you can see that they could have developed out of a practical use, and you can see how a practical item can also become a type of jewelry. In the eighteenth century they have been seen with portraiture in the designs.

The great ideas of Brooches

Is the brooch making a come back, the fact that it can be used to add an interesting effect to a variety of garments, could mean that the brooches could add new excitement to a persons look. The idea of sequined embroidery in the use of brooches is not a new idea, but can generate new fresh looks. The fact that with imagination new fresh ideas can be generated. One of the brooch ideas that seem to be in use is the sequined bow, bows have been used for many years in various ribbon designs. Sequins can be added to bows to give a very dazzling effect, the fact that dark bows can be contrasted with bright-colored sequins to give interesting variations. The idea of using a similar colored bow brooch as the sequins can also give a more uniformed look.

Rhinestone Brooches

These brooches using rhinestone's give the feeling of having gems without the expense of diamonds and other precious stones. Rhinestone's allow the any one to be able to wear stunning looking brooches without having to spend out large amounts on expensive gems.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

The Special Thing About Gold and Silver Trimmings

What is so special about gold and Silver trimmings?
If we look at gold and silver we see that these metals are extremely desirable. For a countless number of years gold and Silver has been sought after by people. The fact is these types of metals have very good qualities. If we look at gold we see that it is a metal which does not appear to deteriorate and it has many excellent properties. Unlike iron gold does not rust and because of this it has many uses. It has been used in electronics due to the fact that it has very good conductivity. It has been used in dental applications due to the very good qualities it has. Gold has been desired in the use of jewelry for many years and has been a main element used to back up a number of currencies. So what is so special about gold when used in trimmings?

Appeal in Jewelry
Because of the popular appeal that gold has it always tends to be in demand. Gold has been used for investments for a great many years and I see no reason why this will not continue. A great thing about gold is that it still has appeal, when it comes to jewelry. When we consider that at one time gold was use as a form of currency. We can see that it will probably continue in the future. When you look at garments that have had golden trimmings added you could find you may have a more rich look. By adding gold or silver trimmings a plain garment could be given a more royal rich look.

King Solomon
If you look at the garments that Kings and Queens have worn over the years, you would see how gold and silver has featured in many of the garments. The fact that Gold has been associated with royalty could be one of the reasons for its appeal in the use of trimmings. If we look at many of the glamorous films that have been made in the 1920's to 1930's you would see some very exciting costumes. The ideas of this grandeur has probably been the inspiration of people who would desire to live with such riches. If you think about the great wealth that King Solomon amassed, and the splendor of the brilliant garments. Many people would probably love to envisage themselves living in such affluence. So armed with a powerful imagination you could imagine yourself in beautiful garments made with luxurious gold and silver trimmings. And the fact that with beautiful trimmings added to your garments, you could be able to enjoy a life of golden splendor.

Paresh Raja © Aug 2011

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Why I Love USB Jewelery

The wearing of beautiful jewelry is a passion that many people worldwide seem to possess, and the wearing of these beautiful pieces is a normal part of every day life. So a very good and powerful addition to this is by combining this with other useful products. The great benefit of having a USB and jewelry combinations has so many advantages. What are some of these benefits and the advantages of these combinations? And how can combinations of USB and other products benefit you?

USB Advantages
The USB has fast become a very important means of carrying information from one place to another. And it has been a very effective progression. For example the storage of digital information was previously carried out by means of CD's Compact Disk, and the DVD. But the great disadvantage of the CD's and the DVD was not being able to re-record data, but this has been helped partly by the re-recordable versions. But still these moving back and forth of data was not that easy. But with the arrival of the USB drives we have seen that moving of information has been greatly improved. Also due to the ability to produce small compact designs when compared to CD's and the DVD make the USB a very attractive means of moving data and information.

Various Designs
The great thing about these new innovations is the fact that the USB can be made in many useful and helpful designs. In fact there are designs that can suit every taste and need. These cover the basic stick version which is small and pocket size which can be transported easily in your pocket. Other versions have retractable lids and some have clip on lids. But one of the nice beautiful versions are those that have been combined with jewelry.

Pendant USB
The idea of the pendant USB has a great variety of variation that can give a very wide choice to you which can allow you to express your individuality. They come in various shapes and sizes, and many novelty designs which cater for many taste. One beauty of the USB is the ability to be able to carry a good amount of data, the idea of being able to move a good size of data around easily is very attractive. The pendant USB builds on the idea of the pendant. Pendants have been around for many thousands of years and basically is a chain with an attachment. The attachments have varied from golden coins, diamonds and many different variations. But the addition of a USB cased in precious metals or stones has added a very unique addition to the USB family. Not only do you have a very useful data storage device but you also can have very attractive beautiful jewelry.

The Next big Idea
So the USB Pendant is something that appears to fill two areas in one, It can provide a very effective means of traveling with your data and also has the advantage of also being a very attractive piece of jewelry. So you not only can have a very beautiful piece of jewelry, but also can have a data storage means for carrying those word documents and music files around that you use. But the possibilities are endless, and who knows what the next innovation will be. Perhaps you could be the person who will bring the next good idea to the world. What are the combinations that have currently not been tried which could add value to your life and the lives of the people around you.
Paresh Raja © Aug 2011

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Great combinations Crystal neck Chain Pendant Key Rings

It has been noted in the world of business by top gurus that the way to create a new innovative product is to add new functions or facilities. The idea can be extended further by combining two or more ideas or products to make a new useful product. This concept is not new but the idea of combining jewelry with a key ring makes perfect sense. So what are the benefits?

The benefits
people over the many centuries have always been looking at possessing beautiful and attractive jewelery. So the idea of combining attractive jewelry with things like key rings makes a good combination that not only looks good but also has good practical value.

Lessons from industry
The idea of combining products together has added value in many areas of life. If you look at the fast food industry you will see how they are able to produce useful and powerful combinations. For example if a person goes to buy a burger, they may also purchase chips and a drink. So the idea of the combination meal which has all these elements for a lower price makes perfect sense. So the people who tend to do well and be more successful are able to look at how best to link products together.

The clever thing about combining Crystal neck pendants
The idea of combining a crystal neck pendant with a key ring is quite a useful idea, and this can lead us to looking at other ways to combine things together in order to produce useful products. It only takes one idea to make you a success over night. Possibly you have thought of making combination ideas but you may not have taken action. Just imagine the successes you could obtain by acting on some of those chance ideas. Think about the many times that you have had ideas, and found that a few weeks later someone has acted on the same idea and has gone onto make a very good business out of it. So perhaps the ideas to combine products that you have may not be such a bad idea. So could this be a chance to exercise your creativity and take action to come up with that winning idea.

Taking action
Many times the great idea that we have could be lost because of one simple thing, that is the fact of not taking action. But this lack of taking action can change, instead of thinking it will not work, why not think let me have a go any way. This is because it has been found that many people who have failed in many of their endeavors have eventually found success. An important key has got to be persistence. Only by not giving up and learning from failed attempts can a person go on to achieve success in life. So maybe this could be the opportunity for you to try that idea that you have always been thinking about.
Paresh Raja © Aug 2011

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Key Things I Like About Them

When I listen to the comments about the beauty of Swarovski Crystal Jewellery it just keeps me thinking of the excellent designs they come with. They have mesmerizing facets and expert craftsmanship that keeps the mind thinking where does the designers get these fascinating designs.

Colors of the rainbow

The wonderful array of rainbow colors can keep you en-trilled by the vibrating alive beauty that is displayed in these works of art. For indeed every piece of these jewels are definitely exceptional works of art of the highest caliber.

When I think back to my visit of the Tower of London and the display of the crown jewels, I think that by owning beautiful Jewelry I am also able to enjoy the richness and the grandeur of the great Kings and Queens.

Award Ceremonies

The mouth-watering colors and radiant designs keep you coming back for more of the insatiable brilliant jewelry. These are the types of beautiful jewelery that you could tend to see the top actors and actresses wear at the wonderful and exciting award ceremonies. You can imagine yourself wearing these beautiful pieces at these glamorous occasions. The thoughts of living a live of the glitz and glamor that is associated with jewelery of this type, could give you a feeling of joy knowing that these works of art are within your reach.

Power of Imagination

It has been said that the power of imagination is one of the things that allows us to bring the things that we desire in our lives. So it could be useful imagining and owning these beautiful works by Swarovski. You could see yourself surrounded by the jewelry and living a life of joy, knowing that everything is within your reach. Some writers have said that if you can create your ideal life in your mind then it is possible to manifest it in your world. So why not start living a life filled with beautiful jewelry in your imagination now. Feel that feeling of putting on the beautifully crafted pieces of joy.

Things that I find interesting

Some of the things that I find most exciting about the Swarovski brand is the fact that have many new and stimulating designs. It is nice to occasionally look at the many beautiful designs and imagine being able to purchase many of these sets. It would appear that Swarovski has been in demand for many years and I would not be surprised if they were in demand for many years to come. The quality of these jewelery seems to keep them in great demand, and I can not see why they will not continue in this way.

Business Ideas

This jewelery would present many interesting new business ideas due to the fact that they are very desirable items. They have the benefit of being durable and can be kept as an investment, which possibly could grow in value. So they have the benefit of being beautiful jewelery and also the benefit of being a great investment. So you can only win by having these great jewelery.

P Raja (c) July 2011

Paresh Raja is an author and expert in the field of Jewelery, to find out how you can benefit from quality jewels go to http://www.janeojewels.com/

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Why You Should Love Jewellery?


Jewelery has been sought after for many countless years, at one time it was only the rich and wealthy who were able to afford to buy the gold and diamond jewelry which tended to be out of the price range of most people. But over the years we have seen that things have changed a great deal. With the arrival of fashion and costume jewelery it has been possible for the ordinary person to be able to afford nice looking jewelery. The gold and diamonds have been replaced with various stones and glass, but every one is able to had jewelery to match the outfit they are wearing.

Feeling Good

It has been shown by the self-improvement arena that it is important to feel good, the various researches have found that our lives are based on the thoughts that we have most frequently. They have expressed that most illnesses are due to stress and this is linked to thoughts that a person has on a regular basis. In one religious book it states that we should think on things that are lovely think on things that are pure, indeed it is important the things the we focus on. One person said that the only way to get rid of a bad thought is by replacing it with a better thought, hence the idea of thinking on something lovely would make perfect sense. This being said it would present a good case for having lovely things like jewelery because if you have nice things this can lead you to feeling better. Because if you look better this can have the effect of allowing you to feel better.


Jewels is one of those things that can add sparkle to a persons appearance, it can give you that million pound feeling. When a woman is wearing jewelery whether gold diamonds or costume jewelery, it can have the effect of making her look sensational. So with the right jewelery a person can compliment an evening dress and garment adding the touch of class. But it is important to match the right jewelery to the right garment as getting this wrong could cause the wrong effect. So try to get the right match so that could allow you to feel great, and if you feel great you could also look great. With a little thought and imagination you could create the perfect look. So experiment until you find the perfect combination that gives you the million pound look.

P Raja © July 2011

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