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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sequin Embroidery Brooches That Create That Special Look

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have that very bright look, and a great golden jewelery effect. May be this effect could be obtained a number of ways, but my favorite is by using Sequined Embroidery Brooches. Brooches have been used for a countless number of years. They come in a variety of styles and designs. These have been used for a variety of different occasions, and seem to be loved by many people.


What is the origin of brooches they were known as fibula, It is an item of jewelry that is attached to clothes. Brooches are generally made of metal, for example gold,silver. bronze as well as other metals. They have been seen to have various gemstones and various types have been used from very expensive diamonds to types of less expensive stones. They are generally fixed to garments by use of a pin.

Historic use of Brooches

The fibula have been use in various ages, by various people including the Romans, Greeks, they have also been seen during the early bronze age. One of the uses was as a type of safety-pin in holding items of clothing together. So you can see that they could have developed out of a practical use, and you can see how a practical item can also become a type of jewelry. In the eighteenth century they have been seen with portraiture in the designs.

The great ideas of Brooches

Is the brooch making a come back, the fact that it can be used to add an interesting effect to a variety of garments, could mean that the brooches could add new excitement to a persons look. The idea of sequined embroidery in the use of brooches is not a new idea, but can generate new fresh looks. The fact that with imagination new fresh ideas can be generated. One of the brooch ideas that seem to be in use is the sequined bow, bows have been used for many years in various ribbon designs. Sequins can be added to bows to give a very dazzling effect, the fact that dark bows can be contrasted with bright-colored sequins to give interesting variations. The idea of using a similar colored bow brooch as the sequins can also give a more uniformed look.

Rhinestone Brooches

These brooches using rhinestone's give the feeling of having gems without the expense of diamonds and other precious stones. Rhinestone's allow the any one to be able to wear stunning looking brooches without having to spend out large amounts on expensive gems.

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