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Monday, 25 July 2011

Jewels for Everyday of the Week?

For five days this week you could be wearing a different jewel, But if we look at other things which some people would not consider jewels but could be thought of as jewels. The jewel that I am talking about is an "Idea". Jewels are considered as things of great value, but equally ideas could be considered jewels of great value. Why is this, why can ideas be considered as a form of jewelery? Well the simple answer is that just as jewels can be exchanged for money, ideas can also be exchanged for money. The fact is that within your mind you have a wealth of ideas, and all these ideas could be changed into money. I am going to explain how some of these ideas can be changed into a source of money. One thing I will say, is that we are only limited by the imagination. The imagination has the power to reveal many ideas, and the ability to use what I call constructive thinking could change these ideas into money. There is nothing easy or magical about this, it is just a matter of using the gifts that we were born with.


One of the reason why people could find it difficult in releasing the wealth of ideas stored in the mind is possibly because of two things. The first is the belief in limitation, doubt and fear, because the mind can often tell us that the idea that we have is not possible. This doubt and fear can be one of the things that stops us from getting off the starting line. These thoughts tell us that our idea will never work, and hence a wonderful idea that could have been exchange for money is wasted. Worst still you may find that someone else later has the same idea and goes on to make large sums of money. This is very sad as you would have known that you did have that idea but did not take action.


The second reason why a person may not be able to release an idea that is in their mind is because of not taking action. Because a person does not take action then an idea that could have been very useful becomes wasted. So it is very important to take action. You can imagine how much millions and trillions of ideas have been lost just because a person did not take action to make it happen. Sometimes the very thing that could have brought us the success that we have been looking for was lost because of lack of action.


So as you can see that we have many gems within our mind, these gems are just waiting to be discovered. All the gold that we desire is sitting in our minds just waiting to be mined. All the jewels and wealth is shining in the heart of our mind. All our true wealth is with us and has always been with us all the time. Just by having the faith we can make things happen, we can make great things happen. All the is just a thought away, at the speed of thought we can bring about change.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

Paresh Raja is an author and expert in the field of Jewelery, to find out how you can benefit from quality jewels go to http://www.janeojewels.com/



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