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Monday, 18 July 2011

The 3 Things I Like About Jewels

Nice Presents

Some people like jewels, some people love them, so what is the fascination about jewellery? Jewels can be different things to different people. They may be used for looking good, and adding to a garment for wearing out in the evening. They could be seen as an investment which could bring great returns in the future. They could be seem as a nice present to give to friends and love ones. But what is so great about them, Let us look at some of the various types and there various uses.

The Ring

The ring is one of the items of jewellery that has been used for a vast number of purposes down through the ages. We have seen them worn for ceremonies, going to parties, and evening of entertainment. The ring in our modern society has been used as a symbol of unity between a man and a woman. They have been used a symbols which shows two people who are engaged to be married, this is in the form of an engagement ring. They have been used as a sign to show when two people are married, this ring indicates that the man or woman is taken. The ring that a woman would tend to have as a marriage ring could be a golden ring with maybe one large diamond or a number of diamonds arranged together. But in general the ring may be just a band of gold, which could be inscribed on the inside. Engagement rings are generally a golden band with one or a number of precious stones, This is a symbol which shows that a woman is about to marry.

The Golden chain

The chain has been around for numerous years and is likely to be around for many more. Chains have been worn by women and men and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chains are very popular as gifts, and have been given as presents for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. They seem to be very popular, silver chains have also been given as gifts. Chains can also come with an attached pendant. Pendants come in many designs,the cross being use as a form of religious use.

The Bracelet

These tend to be bands of gold, silver and other materials that are circular and are worm loosely around the wrist. They can be encrusted with precious stones. These have been worn by both men and women, but women tend to be the main wearer of bracelets.

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