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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What is the difference between costume Jewellery and Fashion jewellery?.

When comparing Fashion jewellery and costume jewellery the key question is what occasion will you be attending and what impression do you want to make.
Also you will need to look at how you can enhance your appearance, and with a piece of jewelery enhance the way that you look. The next question is does a person have to wear a very expensive piece of jewelry to look good. Well the simple answer is no, but using the right jewelery you can create a very big impact. Also someone wearing an expensive but badly matching piece of jewellery can give a bad impression. So we see it is not what you wear but how you wear it.
Creating a powerful impression.
As we looked at earlier it is important to wear jewellery that will complement the clothes that you are wearing. This will require careful thought, because you only get out what you put in. The better the quality of time and effort you put in the more rewarding your outcome could be.
You should carefully look at all your options and not leave things to chance. Preparation is the key in most areas of life; a person only gets out what they put in. A person who gives maximum effort will tend to get maximum results. A person who puts in very little effort will also tend to get very little out.
So I would say that it is good to go with your gut feeling, if something does not feel right, then it is probably not the right combination. I tend to believe that the gut feeling is generally right. There was a research that found that the top business people all followed the gut feeling when making an important decision. So if multimillionaires follow their gut feeling then it could be safe to follow your gut feeling when choosing jewelery that matches your outfit.
Really you are the person who is in control of the results that you get. For example it has been found that people take responsibility for their lives could tend to be more successful. And people who tend to blame others tended to be unsuccessful in things that the do. So I would suggest do your research and leave nothing to chance, and we only get out what we put in. To get detailed information on Costume jewelery and Fashion jewelery go to www.janeojewels.com

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