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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Should you dress good at all times?

It is good to be looking your best, or dress at your best at all times. Some people like to dress good most of the time where as some people do not. Some people have a choice and some people may feel that they do not have a choice. But the question is should a person dress good at all times.

If you look at top icons for example women who are to be the future queen, many people tend to comment on the clothes that the wear. The same tends to go for movie stars and actors and actresses, singer etc. it would seem that people who are constantly in the public eye seem to be examined for the type of garments that they wear on a regular basis. Some may say that this goes with the territory, but other would say that people should be given space to live how they desire. We could say that this is the price of fame and fortune. But is there a balance and is there a standard that could be applied to most situations.

If a person has a lot of money then looking good all the time may not be much of a challenge as they would possibly have a very large wardrobe. But what about the person who does not have such a large wardrobe is it possible to always appear in fresh new garments.

Well the answer may be simpler than we think. The idea of recycling has been promoted for a number of years. And the fact is that there is a vast amount of products that can be recycled. The same goes for the clothes that we wear. Some one who has good imagination can transform some things that at first look was old into a new and interesting garment that who be worth a very high price. How can this be done.

Two powerful tools that can be used are fashion jewelery and various types of trimmings. Fashion jewellery can transform a simple and basic piece of apparel into the most desirable sorted garment sort after by a discerning eye. There is such a great wealth of ideas to be used and the limitation is only a persons imagination. So transforming a plain garment into a work of art is within the range of most people if the imagination is applied with a range of good basic materials. One of the foremost purveyors of fashion jewelery is one company called Janeo Jewels. They specialise in various aspects of jewellery plus they also deal in cosmetic jewelry of which they have a nice range.

You can find out more about them by going to http://www.janeojewels.com .

So we see that if a person wants to look good at all times it could be possible by adding imagination. And thinking out side of the box so to speak.

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