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Monday, 11 July 2011

Are you an expert when it comes to Jewellery?

To be an expert could mean that you know virtually everything about a subject, So how could you become an expert on jewellery and what do you currently know about jewelery? Well lets look at some ideas regarding jewelery. Jewellery could be seen as something that is highly valuable, something that has the ability to last. What types of jewelery exist? Jewelery tends to be things that are made of precious metals and precious stones.

If we think about some of the precious stones in existance today we could list things like diamonds, emeralds, topaz, rubies, Jaspers, sapphines, pearls, quartz, to name but a few.

When people tend to think of jewels maybe the thought of wealth, abundance, could come to mind.

Lets look at the diamond. So what is a diamond well I would say it is a very hard compressed piece of carbon, there are other types of carbon for example coal, but coal is not compressed or hard as a diamond. Diamonds have been sought after for thousands of years and is used for various things. Diamonds have been used for industry as a very hard cutting material, and a means of investment. Many people would think of a diamond as part of jewelery.

There have been many movies about people searching for lost treasure, about people searching through dangerous areas just to gain the wealth that comes by jewellery. But one writer gave an interesting story about a man who spent all his life searching for diamond, but died finding none. The irony was that in the home he left in his search for diamonds was a stream that had diamonds. He had spent all his life in search of diamonds, but he did not realise that all the diamonds he could have dreamed of were already at the bottom of his garden.

So we see that a person can search for diamonds but sometimes the riches that we desire is with us all the time. In some cases the riches that we want may be an idea inside of our minds.

So the greatest jewel that we have may be a simple idea that if take action, may turn out to be one of the most valuable things in our life. How can a person begin to mine the harvest of jewelry that may be sitting just within the persons mind.

There have been many good books that have spoken about how the mind works, and how to attract the things that we desire in life.

But it could also be said that knowledge used wisely may be considered great wealth and possibly great jewels. Maybe if a person took time and began to study the important facets of jewellery they may fine that their knowledge could become very valuable.

So why not give it a try today and find out what knowledge that you possess might possibly be a rich harvest of wealth.

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