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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What Has Jewelery Got To Do With The Mind - Part One

There is a religious book that says that it is important to renew the mind. So why should jewelry have any thing to do with the mind? The mind can be one of our greatest treasures, just like a valued precious item of jewelery. But the sad thing is that people may not actually look after the mind as it deserves to be.

Just like how it takes time to keep our jewelery clean and wonderful looking, it also takes time to keep the mind clean and wonderful. Mind and thoughts are both related, and the thoughts that we have can have a very strong impact on the mind. Even a small wrong thought over time can cause great damage to the mind. The same with jewelery if it is not looked after it can become tarnished, look at silver for example. If silver is not polished and looked after it can lose its shine. So if we are to keep the mind clean and healthy it means that we have to make it a habit of cleaning the mind daily. If we look at our bodies, we will note that it is essential to keep the body washed everyday. So keeping the mind clean is very important. With most things damage is caused by a daily regular build up of sediment. Over time build up of damaging material will cause corrosion to many things.

What things can clean the Mind?

Before we look at what things can clean the mind, let us look at what things can damage the mind. As I stated earlier build up of damaging materials can cause damage to many things. So if a person allowed a bad thought to occupy the mind then over time that bad thought could become rooted in the mind. Just like cutting a route through a forest takes effort, it is the same as the mind. Once a path has been cut through a forest, it is hard for it to become over grown again, if it is in constant use. This is why it is of great importance to constantly allow in our minds only the thoughts that are wholesome.

Currency of Time And Effort

So remember to keep your jewels clean and shiny takes regular time and effort, in the same way to keep your mind clean and healthy takes regular time and effort.
There was an interesting idea that came from a book by MGA Brown he said the following:-
In this world any thing that is good will take time and effort. Time and effort is the price that we have to pay to get the greatness that we can acquire from life. But it is a price that we can all afford to pay, we all have the currency of time and effort. It is up to us how we choose to use this currency.


So we can see from the above quote that the currency of time and effort can allow us to keep our minds clean and pure. This is the same currency that can be used to keep our silver shiny. So the mind and jewelery both have in common the idea that time and effort can keep them both at there best.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

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