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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Is the Jewelery You Wear a Matter of Taste

If you look at the things that you wear you would notice that there are somethings that you love and other things that you feel are just OK. When it comes to your jewelery the matter could be about the same. If we look at the media they show various products that could make our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling. The better the advert the more we may consider that we need to purchase that item. So if the jewelery we have is a matter of taste, how do we develop that taste in the first place?

Life of your dreams

If you consider that in the many films that are watched you would see that the characters may be wear beautiful and wonderful jewelery. The life style of the characters could seem as those they are living the life of their dreams. So seeing these types of images on a regular basis could have the effect of the viewer wanting to live a similar life style. These movies could tend to portray people with great wealth as being very happy. Hence the viewer may at a sub-conscious level of the mind feel that if they had the things that the characters in the films have would cause the viewer to be also happy.

Is it all about how we think?

So is the jewels that we like just a matter of taste, it is interesting to consider where that taste is coming from. And it would be useful to understand how taste is developed. Because if you can develop a new taste then you could well be enjoying new things. When we come down to it, could everything all be just related to the mind? If you consider some thoughts make you feel good while other thoughts cause you to feel bad. So could what we really need is the ability to control our thoughts and our way of thinking. If we can change our life by the way that we think, then we could in theory be living the life of our dreams just by changing the way that we think. Some philosophers have suggested that by forming a clear picture of the life that we want to live could be the first step in imprinting the idea on our mind. If this is the case then you could begin to change your life by thinking on different things.

So think about the jewelery that you currently like. Now look back in your life to see where you first thought of that type of jewelry. It could be useful to consider what did you feel when you first saw that jewelry and who was wearing it. Could by looking at how you developed your taste allow you to develop and change your taste for different jewellery at will?


So perhaps the type of jewelry we wear is a matter of taste, but by the same token we may also be able to change our taste by virtue of changing the way that we think. And say if we change the things that we are influenced by, this could in turn change our taste. What are you views on this point? Do you feel that you can change your taste in jewelery by changing your thoughts and the things that influence you?

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

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