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Thursday, 21 July 2011

So what are the things that you need to do when planning for the perfect wedding. There are a number of jobs that need to be considered we will be looking at these jobs. This list is an indication of possible task but be aware there may be other things that you will need to do due to your personal circumstances. But it is useful to write down all the task that need to be done and you can also set dates when they should be completed by and people who will be doing those task. So with that said let us look at the various task that may be involved.

Booking the hall.

One of the important things is to book the hall well in advance, it could be wise to book it up to a year ahead. Good halls tend to get booked up very quickly. Because of the fact that it is very important to find your hall in good time. It is important not to leave this till the last moment as this could add to stress. So it is important to plan this with a lot of time.

Registering the wedding.

It is important to register the fact you are getting married in the local area where you both live. It could be useful if you both currently live in the same Borough. You can contact your local council office for more information on registering. Exchanging the bands is something that you will normally hear. The bands is a term that is associated with the announcing of the wedding.

The guest list.

Working out the guest list is important. This can be a difficult part, as the list can get long but every couple will be working to a budget. One of the main problems is who to invite and who not to invite. One of the criteria could be based on very close family and friends could get an invite. Another criteria could be based on inviting people who have invited you to wedding in the past or other engagements.


The catering is another important area that needs to be looked at, this will tend to be governed by the number of people who are being invited to the wedding. Some families may do the catering themselves and others may pay a catering company to do this task. By paying a company to do this task can allow you to benefit from other services they may offer such as decorating the tables etc.

The clothes.

One of the important area is choosing the clothes that will be worn on the day, a lot of attention tens to go in this area. The suit that a groom wears and the dress that a bride wears can be expensive items. A bride will be looking for the perfect dress, and the choosing of the dress can be an important occasion. This could involve visiting many shops and trying on a number of different dresses. Some nice dress could be quite expensive, but even some reasonable price priced dresses can be made to look exclusive by adding the right types of trimmings. The type of trimmings used can have a very powerful effect, so the trimming used needs careful thought. There is a large number of trimmings currently available so creating the right effect can be done by the right selection. One good place for trimming ideas is a company called neotrim who have a wide range of interesting trimmings. The trimming is a simple but very effective way of adding your personal touch to the perfect wedding dress.

The Rings

Getting the right ring is important as this is something that you will have after the wedding day is over. Rings can vary in price and looks, but the right ring can send out a very powerful message. The design of the ring tends to be a matter of personal choice, so if would be useful to visit a number of different shops to get an idea of what is available. It is also a nice practice to engrave the inside of the ring with the name of your partner and also the date of your wedding.


The jewels that are worn can greatly enhance the wedding dress. There are different types for example costume jewellery, fashion jewellery to name just two. Some dresses can be greatly enhanced by the addition of the right well positioned jewels. A couple of useful links for getting interesting Jewellery ideas is Janeo Jewels by looking at different ideas you will be in a better position to choose the jewellery that gives the best effect to your dress.

The photographer.

Having your wedding recorded well is very important, you should decide if you want photos taken or a video of your wedding or both. It is useful to use a person who has been referred by some one who has already received a good service from other people who are doing the job.
So look at all areas of your wedding and allow enough time and enjoy the planning as this is a part of the experience.

The Flowers.

This is another area to be considered a number of companies that can provide this service, so it is good to shop around. It is a good idea if you can get recommendations from people who have used the services in the past of any company you may be considering.

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Paresh Raja (c) July 2011


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