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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Graceful Dangle

In costume jewelry as well as other fashionable fields, the visual and tactile quality of dangling elements is one that typically connotes grace, drama, and a note of rarity. Jewellery that dangles gives off a feeling of delicacy and draws the eye when worn, echoing the movements of the wearer in fluid harmony. One of the best mediums for this beautiful effect is earrings; from silver earrings with liquid-like strands of metal to complex chandelier earring pieces that sparkle with light and color, jewellery for the ears has enjoyed a long and passionate love affair with everything that drops and dances. We have an extensive collection of earrings that capture this magic here at Janeo, with models that are sure to meet with every taste and accessory persuasion under the sun. A favorite choice, especially during the warmer months, is this pair of mother of pearl shell and pearl drop earrings, set in flawless and attractive .925 sterling silver.

silver and pearl drop earrings

These pearl earrings compose a statement in both simplicity and sophistication, with a design that's perfect for a range of fashion ideas and settings. The high-impact mother of pearl disks are an unexpected focal point, creating interest and a sense of the unique with their unusual shape. The myriad rainbow-hued tones contained within the mother of pearl, which is one of the most highly-prized jewelry materials in the world, reflect the light with a warm brilliance while keeping the tone ever supported by the pleasant, creamy, and neutral base tone. Descending from these disks, the silver earrings feature two dangling pearls, each with a glowing, comfortable hue that plays off of the sheen of the disks above. The pearl drops are a pretty counterpoint to the unconventional shape of the mother of pearl earring disks, creating contrast in design and substance while staying true to the luminescence of the jewellery pieces.
While these rich and robust costume jewellery elements would make for an outstanding accessory statement on their own, they are tied together and uplifted by the visual strength and limitless appeal of .925 sterling silver. Quality, durable .925 silver chains connect the pearl drops, in a double strand, to the anchors of the mother of pearl disks, which are in turn suspended by silver chain from the practical earring findings. The hooks are an easy-to-wear “S” bend, and will never prove too heavy or uncomfortable for all but the most sensitive of ears, even after several hours of wear.

detail of .925 sterling silver and mother of pearl drop earrings

This lovingly crafted pair of pearl, mother of pearl, and .925 sterling silver earrings with plenty of dangle appeal make a thoughtful and stylish gift, and are equally appropriate for spoiling yourself with quality materials and fashion-conscious design. The perfect pair for strolling along the water's edge at sunset or mingling with cocktails and contacts at a summer get-together, these earrings house the warmth and promise of the sun, bestowing a radiant glow and sense of refinement on the wearer.

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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Pink Panther Suspects Snatched in Monaco

There's plenty of positive news to be read and discussed in the jewelry industry, such as new designers and old favorites launching new lines, celebrities stepping out in outrageous costume jewelry fashion sets, and all manner of industry gossip. But whether it affects you personally or not, there's no denying that one particularly relevant part of the international jewellery industry is the issue of theft. At stores and in homes, from vaults and museums, both famous pieces and unknown items that had much of their value in sentiment alone, jewelry is one of the biggest and most widespread targets for theft. It's fairly easy to understand why; jewelry attracts scores of thieves with its high degree of portability and its immense value. Though security measures and other efforts to calm the surge of jewellery theft have been moderately successful in preventing some thefts, there are still determined elements who make their careers out of misappropriating gems intended for a different kind of "customer."
Among these elements, the group appropriately named Pink Panther is one of the most famous as well as the most tough to crack jewelry thieving rings in the world. Thought to have made off with over one hundred fifty million dollars worth of jewelry over the course of one hundred twenty robberies in twenty different countries, the group is comprised of over two hundred members, many of whom are based in the former Yugoslavia and nearby regions in Southeastern Europe. News regarding jewelry theft tends to be a bit disheartening, but for those who have been impacted by the Panthers' activity, the report that three of the ring's members were arrested last week in Monaco may be decidedly positive.
The three men were apprehended during their departure from a popular Monaco casino, and it is believed that they had been planning a robbery nearby at one of the casino district's many fine jewelry stores. One of the three men may be an important Panther leader, the Serbian Dragan Mikic, who is suspected of being a principle figure within the group since being released from jail just four years ago.
The arrests have come after three recent apprehensions of suspected Pink Panther members. The crackdown ids representative of an increasing urgency among international police and investigative agencies on crime within the jewelry industry, especially as the luxury market suffers the heavy blows of the global economic downturn. Of course, it's unlikely that the Pink Panthers will be targeting costume jewellery as they seek to increase their fortunes (unless a particularly accomplished piece manages to fool the gang). Though jewelry thieves will probably always be around to some extent, costume jewellery owners can revel in the beauty and substance of delightful pieces without worrying over their ability to defend a necklace or ring in a struggle for wealth. Still, we wish the toiling authorities ample opportunities for success as they work to safeguard the industry from an increasingly difficult and dangerous problem.

the pink panther

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Congrats Winners! Post your Picks Here!

As the week draws to a close, it's time to congratulate our weekly prize winners. All of our customers and voluntary entrants comprise a pool each week from which we select a handful of winners; simply check out our ample prize section and post your choice with a link in a comment on this post along with your name and you'll have a free piece of beautiful costume jewellery direct from Janeo.

Congrats go to:

Karen Douglas
Anthony Gibson
Pamela Browett
Danielle Frowde
Brid Murphy
Elaine McGregor
Jennifer Blyth

If you didn't win this week, keep your fingers crossed --you might find them studded with Swarovski crystals in the week to come.

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lakers Coach Credits Success to his Championship Ring Scheme

Anyone who watches or keeps up with a lot of professional basketball knows that championship rings are a high honor and highly coveted, and just so, everyone who has seen an NBA championship ring is well aware of how, well, unconventional they are in appearance. We won't call them downright ugly --there's a taste for every style out there, in the end--, but for many style mavens it can be quite the chore to find the somewhat reluctant beauty in these bulky pieces. Typically, championship rings make it into the news whenever big games are won, and a quick flash of the collective sports media camera gives us a glimpse of the year's big rocks and engraved profiles as they find their homes onto the hands of the country's best basketball players. But recently, the rings have surfaced for a fairly new honor: Lakers coach Phil Jackson has declared that the "switching up" of his NBA championship rings was responsible for the team's big win last week.
Jewelry's role in superstition is certainly nothing new. Everyone from sports fans to avid gamblers to heavily invested businesspeople have touted their luck with jewellery pieces from rings and watches to pins and other bits of sparkle. But Jackson's claim is certainly one of the more outrageous attributions of luck to jewelry's special charm. Speaking in an interview after winning his record-breaking tenth title on Sunday, Jackson recalled that he first began wearing championship rings during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls. He recounted how the former general manager of the team had encouraged him to wear a ring, even though Jackson had complained that it was too bulky.
But shortly after faithfully donning his substantial golden show of NBA prowess, Jackson lost a diamond in the ring while tapping his finger waiting for an order at a local restaurant. Though he was dismayed at the loss, discovered once he had returned to his hotel and noticed the particular gleam of the ring was missing, Jackson was assured that the diamond could be replaced, and was encouraged to continue wearing the piece. Throughout the events leading to his victory Sunday, Jackson recounts that unlike previous years, he decided to "switch up" which rings he wore, deciding on an arcane combination whose mysterious meanings and magic interactions we're not likely to know.
Though his team put on an impressive performance to achieve their win, Jackson has appeared convinced that the real tip in the fierce competition --professional basketball players often are, after all, so talented and experienced as to blur simple distinctions as to who is "good"--, was his particular mix and match game of wearing various championship rings. Though we can't say we'll be procuring our own personal specimen anytime soon, we hope this year's championship rings brings the victorious players lots of luck.

Chunky, funky NBA championship rings

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Big, Bright Bows: A Wedding Set Story

The dress has been selected and fitted months in advance. The shoes, gloves, and bag have been purchased in a flurry of matching and finding just the right pieces to suit the bride's taste, the wedding's style, and the particular quality of the gown. Hair and makeup are carefully whipped up into a dreamy visage of color and elegance, bringing out the bride's natural glow. And as she prepares to walk the aisle, the bride puts on the finishing touches: her big day jewelry. Wedding costume jewellery has been one of the major elements in bridal fashion throughout the ages, and we're proud to offer classic wedding jewelry sets, replica diamond necklaces, Swarovski bracelets and earrings, and other pieces perfect for complementing any dress or ceremony atmosphere. One of our crowning fashion jewelry products for brides is this gorgeous gold and white necklace and earring set, which is just right for achieving a traditional tone while adding flair and eye-catching sparkle to an aisle ensemble.

gold and diamante bow wedding necklace

The exquisite wedding jewellery necklace features an array of sparkling diamante stones in various sizes dusted across a scrolling golden chain with myriad swirls and designs, evoking a whimsical feel to the piece. This whimsy culminates in a bold statement of beauty as a substantial pear-shaped diamante stone rests within the embrace of a golden centerpiece of bows, finishing off the whole affair with a small gold and stone drop at the base of the focal point. Sweet and visually interesting with an ample dose of drama in just the right spot, this necklace is ideal for a range of dresses and designs, and is sure to light up any bride's face and décolleté as she beams her way through her big day.
The set's matching earrings echo the lines and fluid style of the necklace, with elegant drops that dangle from the earlobes with a spectacular gleam and a nod to classic bridal style. The necklace measures a just-right 24 centimeters with a total measurement of 4 centimeters length on the striking pear drop pendant, while the gold earrings measure 3.5 centimeters. These pieces are an instant beauty boost to dresses that range from traditional necklines and flourishes to modern drop-waisted gowns and strapless affairs that call for a bit of extravagance around the neck.

gold and diamante matching bow earrings

Our costume jewellery pieces wholesale and retail alike are excellent choices for bedecking the entire bridal party, and we're thrilled to offer sets and individual items that can light up portraiture with a warm glow or a fiercely fashion-forward look that woos the camera. Our diamante and gold tone necklace and earring set with bows and pear-drop centerpieces has all the charm and grace a bride could ever want, while remaining effortlessly affordable to allow wedding funds to concentrate on other important elements. With a distinct antique quality brought out by shining new materials and a sense of today's costume jewelry trends, this set is sure to make any big day even better.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Designers Tread the Red for Annual Gala

The red carpet, that is. While we're used to seeing scores of stars strut their stuff down the scarlet rugs at major events year round, typically donning adventurous gowns and suits that get dissected and discussed in magazines for months afterwards, it's rare that we're treated to a glimpse of the designers themselves. One exception to be depended upon is the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America gala, which is held to commemorate the efforts of national fashion moguls who present their new collections each season, and to select a group of especially impressive talents to serve as honored winners and stars of the fashionable show.
Sometimes referred to as the "Oscars of the fashion world," the CFDA gala attracts major designers and those who are breaking into the industry alike, as well as many notable celebrities and models. Project Runway host Heidi Klum, who was dazzling in a multifaceted silver gown showing off the notion that expectant moms can still be glamorous, arrived on the arm of Michael Kors, a judge on the show and one of America's most prolific and well-loved designers.
Other notable appearances included Vera Wang, distinguished by her famous bridal and formalwear collections. Wang chatted with reporters, straying from revealing any truth to rumors that she's slated to appear on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. New designers took home several awards in many categories, highlighting the industry's continual ability to produce quality designs and creative minds despite an economic slump that has had a profoundly negative impact on the luxury industries and related fields.
In fact, the concern over the global financial crisis was largely absent form the gala's proceedings. Stars and designers alike showed non of the aesthetic reticence that has cropped up at some of the year's other red carpet events, opting for extravagant outfits that fully embrace the freedom and creativity of the fashion world. Jewellery was in ample supply, with everything from classic diamond chandelier earrings to bib necklaces and sparkling bangle bracelets adding their fair share of oomph to the atmosphere.
One especially notable feature of the event was the outspoken host; Tracey Ullman, whose comedic talent is fare more highly praised than her particular penchant for fashion, kept the audience entertained and ensured that the show ran smoothly as awards were handed out and the year in design was reviewed. Jimmy Fallon, of Saturday Night Live fame, was also part of the proceedings, serving as an award presenter for men's fashion design.
The mood Council of Fashion Designers of America's sumptuous red carpet event is a good sign for the fashion fans waiting with baited breath for a verdict on the health of the designer industry. As spirits were high and couture was higher, the night held the promise of perseverance.

Heidi Klum and Michael Kors at the CFDA Gala

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Want Your Prize? Comment Here!

It's time for another round of weekly winners here at Janeo. We have a stunning selection of jewelry for summer and every season, pieces to suit every taste, to make great gifts or to spoil yourself; but if you've won and you want your item, you'll need to let us know which piece you've picked by commenting on this post!

Please leave your name and a link to the piece you'd like to receive, and let us know how you like it when it arrives.

Congrats to this week's winners, and best of luck to our clients and contest entrants in the week to come.

Emma James
Dipa Haque
Cashel Brown
Layla A
Louise Patterson
Jaqui Lovegreen
Dave Smith

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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lindsay Lohan and the Case of the Missing Jewels

Lindsay Lohan receives a fair share of media atention, following everything from her lukewarm careers in acting and music production to her more successful endeavors as a focus for gossip rags and incredulous onlookers wondering what Hollywood has gotten itself into. There have ben plenty of scandals surrounding the young starlet's social and personal lives, from bouts with overdrinking to questionable slips of etiquette and public dress. Recently, Lohan has cropped up in media snippets for an unlikely event that happened during a photo shoot with which she was involved for Elle UK, a women's magazine planning to feature a piece about the celebrity.
It's hardly a secret that valuable jewellery is loaned to stars for special appearances, but the stunning price tag on the pieces Lohan wore to the shoot --over $400,000-- seems incredible by any standards. Apparently, it was too incredible an opportunity to pass up for whoever ended up snatching the jewels, because snatched is exactly what they were. Sometime between the moment Lohan removed the jewels and the official report two days later, the items were stolen, and have yet to be found or returned to their rightful owner. That rightful owner, by the way, is Dior, which was kind enough to hand over a necklace and pair of earrings doubtless rich in eye-popping gems for the shoot.
While Lohan's reputation isn't exactly flawless, it doesn't necessarily indicate that she is prone to theft. And indeed, the magazine has released a statement insisting that the star is not specifically being implicated in the lifting of the jewelry. Nevertheless, she may find herself asked to an interview with the Scotland Yard, which has taken on the case and likely has an impressive amount of work piling up in the days and weeks ahead; after all, the photo shoot was packed with people from makeup artists to photographers, assistants, and other staple positions that work towards the creation of a successful shoot.
Having haute designer gems make a special guest appearance for the camera may be standard practice, but we wonder if events like these will lead the industry to consider taking on the trend of using costume jewellery instead. Still able to impart the glow and glamour of faceted jewels, costume jewelry can impress and inspire the eyes with a much smaller degree of cost, helping to mitigate the risks of theft, not to mention deterioration and other damage. Whether a style session calls for big rocks with lots of depth and interest or a complex combination of smaller stones studded across a unique landscape of metal, costume pieces can get the job done beautifully and keep worry and loss of wealth out of the equation.
Speculation on Lohan's involvement in the heist is varied, but while the folks at Scotland Yard toil over this particularly glamorous whodunnit, it's clear we'll be seeing a lot more Lohan in the daily dump of celebrity news.

Lindsay Lohan in chandelier earrings

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tibetan Silver Bangle for Bold Beauty

What do you imagine when you think about Tibet? You might call to mind a vision of serene monks clad in bright yellow and orange robes, humming their monotone prayers into the majesty of the sky. Or you might think of a different majesty –that of Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world which reaches impressively into space nearby. There are a lot of beautiful things to imagine when the subject of Tibet greets us, and our Tibetan Silver Bangle Bracelets are intent on becoming a part of this tradition. We offer several designs of bangle bracelets to suit a variety of tastes and moods, from the delicate to the bold, in shapes and sizes that impart a distinctive flair to the wrists and arms of the wearer.
This substantial Tibetan Silver Bangle Bracelet, one of the most celebrated items we sell, is the perfect piece for anybody with a love of conversational jewellery pieces as well as the beautiful possibilities of contrast and harmony. The design is a study in aesthetics and the ability of jewelry to covey meaning while managing to look spectacular. Whether on its own, combined with other silver or eclectic pieces, or worn in a pair on either wrist, this bracelet makes an undeniable statement whenever its worn, and is guaranteed to turn heads and draw eyes.

Full view of Tibetan silver bangle bracelet

The bracelet is composed of two distinct sections which, in combination, suggest the eternal balance so often depicted in the yin-yang symbol. But the piece achieves this balance entirely in its own way. The uppermost section of the bracelet features profoundly intricate engraving, revealing delicate, almost Corinthian, filigreed scroll work that gracefully undulates across the arc of the bracelet. The lower section, which positively gleams in the light, is piece of silver hammered into a slightly protruding profile, culminating in a dramatic “V” which points to the wrist and creates a strong sense of flair. These two sections are gently surrounded by tiny rows of dots and notches, engraved lines which lend an extra appeal of texture and interest, and which serve to tie the piece together into one extraordinary whole.
All engraved areas are set against a lovingly antiqued background, which adds a feeling of depth and interest to the piece, along with suggesting the quality of a treasured piece passed down through the generations. The contrast between the dark and monochromatic tones of the antiqued areas with the bright silver that takes on a range of subtle underlying hues is mimicked in the play between the scroll work and the plain metal, creating a magical appeal.

Tibetan silver bangle bracelet on model

The bracelet measures 5.3 centimetres in width, and has a satisfyingly heavy feel during wear. As with many of our pieces, the bracelet comes in a single size that can accommodate every wrist, and the design is appropriate for men as well as women. A vision of the meaningful beauty we associate with Tibet, this piece will likely remain a favorite among our clients.

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Dubai Opens its Doors to Fashion with New District

To travelers, socialites, businessmen, and luxury mavens the world over, Dubai represents a rich land of opportunity, forming a crown jewel in the Arabian diadem of beauty and intrigue. A sparkling city tucked into the warmth and light of the desert sands, Dubai is world renowned for its extravagant resorts, extraordinary dining, and its fast-growing reputation for being one of the greatest business hubs in the world. But the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority has set its sights high and shows no sign of growing complacent with the city's global status. Quite the opposite; the authority, which has a billion dollar budget at its disposal, is intent on propelling Dubai to truly impressive heights. The latest idea to be presented on this theme is the creation of a special district within the city, which would be specially dedicated to many different aspects of the arts and entertainment. Of course, they've managed to fit fashion, jewellery, and shopping in there, too.
In an effort to jump-start the appeal and popularity of the district, the group is pushing to change legislation in order to allow international artists and designers to live and work in Dubai with special privileges. In addition to the possibility of changes in visa and naturalization laws, the district will open up the availability of affordable housing for artists and creative types nearby, encouraging local participation and a swath of cultural color. The project takes after the idea of the Spitalfiels in London, where open air markets, galleries, and boutiques serve as a haven for the city's creative set, as well as many of its shoppers.
The district will focus on several key areas of art; traditional applications will have a new home in the construction of a grand museum to house not a permanent collection but a series of traveling exhibits to allow for interaction with the great museums and galleries of the world. The district will also take inspiration from high-end design, in a number of mediums we anticipate will stretch from furniture and architecture to more conceptual pieces and theory. Part of this penchant for design will undoubtedly find itself brought to fruition through fashion, and will help imbue Dubai with the international fashion hub status it has been courting for some time.
The desert environment, especially within the context of the mysterious and exotic Arabian peninsula, traditionally calls to mind vast riches studded with big and bright gems; depictions of sultans and popular tales of the Arabian elite are steeped in enthusiastic descriptions of some of the boldest jewels in the world. We can't wait to see how local and international jewelry designers interpret the Dubai jewelry culture, but we have the inescapable feeling that no matter the precise form or vision the pieces take, the extravagance and full-bodied nature of costume jewelry will find itself snug among the results.

Dubai luxury

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This week's prize winners -- comment here with your choice!

Each day we select a new winner for our unique and accessible jewellery prize draw, and each week our winners can come to the blog and pick their prize for swift delivery. If you've won this week, simply make your selection from our prize collection on the main site and paste a link to the item, along with your name, in a comment on this post. Congratulations, and good luck to our entrants in the coming days!

This weeks winners are:
Karen Barrett
Kim Howes
Linda Rothen
Saran Snooks
Raiyana Rahim
Surbir Taggedcheap
Lee Rachel

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Big Gems Steal the Show on Tony's Red Carpet

You might've thought that with the passing of Cannes and the official beginning of summer, the season of red-carpet affairs was over, allowing you to pry your eyes off of the glitz of the entertainment world's most memorable nights in fashion. But you won't break free so easily; the Tony awards are due their rightful place in the red carpet spotlight, and Sunday evening's star-studded procession proved itself worthy of a few more hours spent gawking at the tastes and trends of the elite of showbiz. The Tony awards are blessedly distinguished by a reputation for managing to encourage more artsy and dramatic dresses, and the sting of the global crisis seems to have missed the hemlines and frills of this year's event. There was plenty of extravaganza, lots of bold color, interesting textures, and, as we'd hoped to see, a great representation of the show-stopping power of big jewels and fanciful ornaments thanks to a pronounced presence of costume jewellery.

Allison Janney's purple dress at the Tony awards

Allison Janney, who has put in her fair share of hours in the play 9 to 5, showed up in this stunning royal purple gown, and her big grin belied the sense that she knows just how knockout-great it looked on her. A pleated corset front culminating in a soft sweep and rich, substantial train made for an eye-catching vision in a color we typically don't see enough of in red carpet fashion. Janney accessorized the dress with some funky, chunky golden earrings, matching a set of gleaming golden bangles, and we spotted a fruity purple costume jewelry ring looking as sweet as a Jolly Roger, too.

Jane Fonda in subtle style at the Tony awards

Fans of legendary actress Jane Fonda praised her sleek and subtly sexy silhouette, created by a flattering black floor-length affair with half sleeves and a neckline plunging about as low as necklines go. Fonda pulled it off tastefully, and proved that not all elegant –or exotic-- looks need be swathed in busy prints or finished in complicated cuts. The actress' fashion attitude burned its brightest, however, in her enormous jeweled belt buckle, which bore a lovely dark and polished oval cabochon against a backdrop of delicious golden scroll work.

Costume jewellery was also invited along to the Tony awards via a seemingly occult preoccupation with crystal chandelier earrings. We noted celebs like Anne Hathaway sporting sparkling pairs of earrings dripping with sparkle and imparting a high-voltage glow. It may be a while before another red carpet occasion lets us take in all the costume jewelry and couture, but with its full-bodied success, we think the Tony awards might help keep us tied over 'till then.

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Prize Winners Comment On Their Gifts

Hi please leave us a comment about your janeo jewels experience and the prize you won. Please aslo state your name and where you come from, if you so wish.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

An Unexpected Dash of Red

Drama is one of the many notes that costume jewelry excels at playing. A sudden pop of color or a bold, sweeping line; the juxtaposition of an impressive jewel surrounded by a supporting cast of tiny sparklers, or the finishing drop in a cascade of metal and gems –all convey a sense of the dramatic without the kind of price tag that will have you enduring a financial drama of your own. Turquoise, with its sunny undertones and associations with the arid plains and gentle folklore of the American Southwest, might not signal drama on first thought. But just as the Southwest breaks through its relative calm with bold and dazzling sunsets that burn through the sky each night, so too does turquoise harbor the capacity to light up the eyes and tantalize the jewellery-loving mind.

turquoise brooch with red crystals

Our stunning turquoise brooch with ruby red “siam” Swarovski crystals demonstrates this double nature beautifully. Composed in a classic, balanced design that recalls the fashions and fancies of Victorian England, this brooch is the perfect complement to a coat, sweater, blazer lapel, or anywhere you want to show off your style with both refinement and a surprising punch. This punch comes from the assortment of tiny crystals that surround the central oval turquoise stone. These crystals, dubbed “siam” Swarovskis, imbue the piece with a deep and rich jolt of red in six itsy-bitsy stones, varying from square to round cut. They impart an elegant and eye-opening contrast to the brooch as a whole, and are sure to please the call for interesting, provocative jewelry.
Providing the backdrop for this startling scene of reds and blues are several quality turquoise stones, both in oval and round cuts, with varying degrees of polish and shine. The characteristic dark veins vary from piece to piece and add a sense of the unique to every brooch. These stones exhibit the old-fashioned and much-loved brilliance of true turquoise blue, calling to mind impeccable tropic waters and storybook afternoon skies.

detail of turquoise brooch with red crystals

This graceful counterpoint of stones is set into an intricate and endlessly appealing triangle of filigree and scroll work, finished in a brass patina that adds a lovely and full-bodied glow to the brooch. The central stones are arranged across a horizontal and stationary plane where the brooch is pinned to the garment of your choice, while a chain link strand connects a focal drop and two smaller, shorter falls of metal and turquoise to either side. Throughout the setting, tiny finials of metal and subtle, antiqued notches add interest and texture, and the mobility of the three jeweled drops allow the piece to sway slightly with the wearer's movement. This piece is an excellent gift for yourself or your favorite brooch lover, and a testament to finding beauty in unexpected combinations.

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Did You Know Janeo Does Wholesale? Here's How We Work in Bulk!

Whether you just can't seem to get enough of the great looks and effortless affordability of our costume jewelry or you have an established business business that's ready to reap the profits available to jewellery outlets (or you're just starting out as a seller), our wholesale costume jewelry is an attractive value. Our ample stocks of wholesale wedding jewelry along with pieces in every category from unique men's items to hip and trendy earrings and layered necklaces will have your buyers begging for more. If you need lots of wholesale jewellry that meets your budget while delivering a high quality standard you can depend on, you're in the right spot! We're dedicated to providing our wholesale jewelry customers with stellar service and an easy ordering process that makes getting the best wholesale silver, gold, crystal, beaded, leather, and fashion pieces as simple and as pleasant as possible. To benefit from our program to get stunning jewelry at wholesale prices, you'll first need to register an account.
Once you've registered, follow our convenient ordering process to start saving big on wholesale costume jewelry. Here's how our process works:

1) Shop for your favorite items and add them to your cart as normal.

2) When you've finished shopping, click the “Checkout” option.

3) To complete the transaction as a wholesale order, you'll be queried for your wholesale login details. If you've forgotten them, don't worry --you can retrieve your data with the email address you used to register.

4) After you've logged in, you'll be able to see your order total with the bulk discount, depending on your original total (a minimum of £250.00 is required to qualify), applied.

5) The discount you've received will be displayed at the bottom of the page. The minimum is 40%, with increments at 50 and 55%, with a maximum discount of 60%.

6) Note that you aren't required to send payment at this stage. Simply submit your order, and our friendly and fast team will check to make sure all items and quantities are in stock --95% of the time, we've got everything ready to go. We'll calculate the best freight option depending on your order's weight and the destination, and contact you via your preferred method with a final report. We can take payment over the phone.

If your order is urgent, submit the cart you'd like to purchase and give us a call at 0845 260 5170. We'll work through the details with you as quickly as possible.

We're here to be of assistance in any way we can --when you work with our wholesale jewelry program, you'll receive the very best in service from the human faces behind Janeo, enjoying the commitment to quality customer care and fantastic jewelry for which we're well known. Remember to ask us about special clearance items when you order, too, as we often have stock that's ready to be cleared out at deep discounts.

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Our Weekly Batch of Prize Winners

As another weekend rolls around, it's time to put on our sparkling best and head out into the warm summer breezes bedecked in our favorite jewels. But before we do, we'd like to congratulate our weekly prize winners, who can get the piece of their choice from our prize selection (available on the home page) by letting us know which item they'd like in a reply to this post.

Our weekly winners are:

Joanne Whittingham
Susan Coals
Kim Allen
Peter Arnold
Spencer Freeman
Anthony Cresham
Drusy Pro-Marketing

Congrats to our winners and here's to a great weekend for everyone!

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Lacroix Files for Bankruptcy

It's not exactly a secret that the world of luxury goods has been taking a bit of a hit recently. What with all the doom and gloom on global markets and the catastrophes still circulating their way through the world's credit systems, it seems that the high life has lost a few of its friends, and that some of its lifetime members are taking time to pause and reflect on their spending. There have been several casualties as a result of the trend, from dimmed-down atmospheres at fashion shows and special events to the closure of specialty stores such as Tiffany's Iridese pearl outlet. But news this week of the insolvency of the French fashion house of Christian Lacroix seems especially somber, and may shake up the world of haute couture as few had imagined was possible.

For over twenty years, Lacroix has turned out catwalk masterpieces that have been continually hailed by critics as some of the most insightful and engaging clothes in modern fashion. The designer is a fashion lover's idol; after spending much of his youth studying and sketching out the flamboyant designs of centuries past, Lacroix pursued his passion academically, working at such venerated institutions as the Sorbonne and Paris' Louvre Museum. After breaking into the designing scene with help from fellow French luxury house Hermes, Lacroix began churning out his rich, luxurious pieces, often recalling the aristocratic garments of the past updated for the modern audience, and always with a deep understanding of and appreciation for color.

Lacroix may be best known for his gowns, but the designer is certainly no stranger to jewelry. He began offering a jewellery line in 1989 and quickly captivated the hearts of fashionable women everywhere with designs that translated his penchant for decadent yet unique clothes into metal, gems, and other materials. Over the years, his jewellery collections have unabashedly embraced the tenets of costume jewelry pieces, incorporating ample sizes, interesting and often funky shapes, and lots of visual interest. From earrings exploding with carmine red stones and gold plate to oversized pendants brimming with baby blue crystals, Lacroix's jewelry made its wearer look --and feel-- like a queen.

Christian Lacroix earrings

Of course, while Lacroix may have put together an admirable jewellery line, the essential spirit of his designs lives on in costume jewelry around the world, ever able to adapt to new circumstances, whether it's a hot trend or a financial cool-down. Nevertheless, it will be sad to see the designer go, if indeed it sinks under the weight of its financial problems. Employing 125 workers, the fashion house has a rising pool of debt, and the designer himself claims he is owed nearly two million dollars in salary, but has been working without payment in a bid to save his firm. As the fashion media awaits the outcome of Lacroix's bankruptcy proceedings, fans of the designer are undoubtedly preparing their mourning.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Another Cocktail Ring, Miss?

Though it doesn't seem like quite the optimal place to put them for showing off, cocktail rings seem to be on the brain lately. It could be the inviting summer weather calling out to costume jewellery afficionados, beckoning fashionable masses to slide a nice chunky (and funky) ring on every finger, or perhaps it's been the flashes of fingerly fun we've seen strutting down recent red carpet events like fashion weeks and the ever emulatable Cannes. Whatever the reason, the obsession doesn't seem to be yielding, though we're not entirely sure we mind.
We can try on and test out the great looks of cocktail rings simply by consulting the wisened and cultivated vaults of our inventory, which is rich in rings of every shape and color. The favorite pick this week is this enchanting cocktail ringwith an attitude that makes it perfect for both casual and formal outings (or even for just sitting around the house and admiring it from different angles). Set on a sturdy and attractive metal base, this ring brings an ample dose of pop and drama with a cascading cluster of sparkling and smooth beads.

black and clear cocktail ring

The focal point is an eye-catching Swarovski crystal in one of the hottest cuts this season. Dubbed the "trilliant" cut, this shape allows for incredible facets to come through the attractive and unusual structure, resulting in a central stone that is limitlessly interesting and capable of making a big first impression. Slightly offset to please the visual palate with a sense of bias, the stone is happily surrounded by beads of various shapes and sizes, ranging from big smooth balls to smaller sillhouettes that add a bit of charm and delicacy to the big impact of the overall piece.
What makes this ring so wonderfully wearable is the give each bead has on its setting; swaying with every movement, these pretty pieces of black, silver, and crystal create a lot of visual interest and have a satisfying tactile weight and feel. As with most of our costume jewellery rings, this delicious piece is presented in a free size, letting you adjust it to fit any finger or give it as a gift without worrying over the fit.

top view of cocktail ring

Hailing from our special limited edition exclusive designers collection, this ring may have many imitators out on the market, but you won't find its particular allure anywhere else. We ensure quality by choosing only the best materials and establishing lasting, meaningful relationships with our great designers, letting you reap the dazzling rewards. You can feel confident and comfortable with this gorgeous cocktail ring, secure in the knowledge that unlike many fine jewelers' pieces, it can stand up to a hard night out. With the beauty and personality of this extraordinary ring, you can capture the essential and timeless fun of costume jewelery, harnessing it for your favorite finger, or for someone especially deserving of a stylish Swarovski treat.

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