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Saturday, 29 November 2008

London Live

London Live is currently underway! BBC.com highlights the event on their entertainment homepage. This programme features the hottest artists of today and the up and comers of tomorrow. Along with concerts, this series will feature interviews that answer the public’s burning questions. With past artists like Groove Armada, Fergie, Kate Nash, and the Manic Street Preachers, this show is presented with the challenge to match-up with another list of all-star performers.
This series is more than concerts and interviews. Like any gathering of stars, this event will be filled with new fashions and trends by your favorite artists. Here are my fashion predictions for my favorite acts:
Hip-Hop artist Lupe Fiasco will certainly stay true to his style of bright colors through use of jewellery. His look can be easily mimicked by men and women alike with Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings and brooches come in an array of colors that provide drama and creativity to a simple outfit. The Killers will showcase rock star style in stainless steel bangles, a play on their edgy appeal. Bands like Keane who have style that is earthy may be seen in leather jewellery and brown fashion belts. Female artist Pink will have a style that reflects her tough, but fun personality. She will wear diamond earrings in her multiple piercings, along with lots of bangles. Other female artists will follow the trends seen during this awards season of metallic and layers of glass bead necklaces.
If you haven’t caught a glimpse of this spectacular series at KOKO, tune in Friday, December 5th for the premiere of episode 7. This lineup features the All Saints, The Killers, Pink and Brakes. And if you missed episode 5 which included performances by Amy Winehouse, you have another chance to see her on episode 18. That is one of the great elements about this show. The hottest artists of today have the chance to play multiple nights. However, let’s wish Amy Winehouse well. According to uk.msn.com, she has had a side affect to medication prescribed to her while on a drug replacement programme. Her illness caused her to miss a court date on Monday for husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.

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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Today's Japanese Fashion Trends

Japanese style has always been wicked. Anime art has had an influence on fashion houses as well as street trends. Lately, the trends have shifted from inspired fashion of Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, in which individuals wear mitch-matched clothing and over accessorize with stainless steel bracelets, fashion belts and art deco brooches. Today's trends, while resembling animation, inspire feminine looks of 18th century France.
In Tokyo, a group of girls is growing who dress like royalty who have escaped the Rococo era of art. The style icons for this group are figures like Paris Hilton and Marie Antoinette. So just image, young girls walking the streets of Tokyo covered in pink- pink ribbon headbands, crystal brooches and diamond earrings. These girls dress as if they are attending garden tea parties fit for a queen everyday. To find this clothing, they shop at Jesus Diamante. This is a boutique where one can easily spend $1000 on an outfit. Not only do girls of this rising group dress in frilly lace and costume jewellery, but they have the mannerisms and voice to match. Mayumi Yamamoto who is an avid shopper of Diamante speaks in a soft, bubbly voice as she talks about this new fad. Yamamoto takes it one step further, she has decorated her room in rococo style furniture of florals and imitation fabrics of that period.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the new wave of princess girls are better known as hime gyaru. So far this trend has only been executed by girls. It would be nice to see some little princes in the streets of Tokyo. They can wear fitted trouser, mens pendants, men's bangles, and maybe diamond earrings for a modern twist. Since the style seems to transition into a lifestyle for those welling to undertake the extravagance of this new trend, maybe it will bring back chivalry. It is definitely, one of the lost 18th century practices.

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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Pirates Hijack Saudi Tanker

This is not a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, were Johnny Deep plays eccentric character Captain Jack Sparrow. Who bolsters rock star attitude while clad in glass bead necklaces, diamond earrings, bracelets, and booty from his latest conquest. There is no leading lady such as the lovely Keira Knightly to heat up this scene with her insurmountable talent accompanied by period specific clothing and jewellery of crystal brooches and chandelier earrings. Saturday’s hijacking of a tanker owned by Vela International Marine of Dubai is the real life story of piracy and its upsetting implications.Reports from BBC update news on the hijacked tanker.
Tanker, Sirius Star, sits anchored off the coast of Somalia. Aboard it carries Peter French, James Grady, and other hostages, along with oil worth £67m. French hails from Durham; he is chief engineer. Grady is from Strathclyde and the second officer of the Saudi tanker named Sirius Star. Their families are going through a tumultuous time of heart ache and uncertainty. The pirates are said to have given a ten day deadline for ransom, but the British government feels that meeting demands only encourage future acts of hijackings. Officials want the international community to become a united front when it comes to taking a stance on zero negotiations with hijakers . The government has chosen a course of action. Foreign Secretary David Miliband plans to deploy European forces to the east Africa region. This seizure totals over 90 attacks of vessels off the coast this year.
For the families of hostages, it is a trying waiting game. So to those families, prayers are sent. Tomorrow as you wake and get ready for your day by dressing and sliding on your diamond bracelet, rings and necklaces take a moment to acknowledge those families and hostages aboard the Sirius Star.

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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Wildfires Approach Los Angeles

California is gorgeous. The geography is that of the Mediterranean with its rolling hills, sandy beaches, and warm climate. The one thing that threatens a perfect environment is California’s high risks of natural disaster. The wildfires in California occur more frequent than floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes in any other state in the U.S.
The latest fire began Friday outside of downtown Los Angeles at Angeles National Forest covering 1,500 acres. It has forced most of the infamous freeways in the valley and interstates to close. Including Interstate 405, where singer, actress Brandy experienced a fatal car crash, killing a motorist and Highway 134 where celebutante Nicole Richie drove the wrong direction. She was consequently booked for a DUI charge. This outburst of wildfires is expected to reach the I-5 corridor. It carries power from plants in the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest to utilities in and around Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Los Angeles County was declared a state of emergency by Governor Schwarzenegger on Saturday. To date about 6,500 acres have been burned, 10,000 people have been forced from their homes, and approximately 1000 homes have been destroyed.
After learning of such a travesty I can’t help but think, “It’s Los Angeles County!” Am I really supposed to feel all that bad when multi- million dollar houses are burned to the ground? Yes, it is sad to see your belongings go up in flames; especially valued jewellery like crystal brooches or those diamond earrings given to you on your anniversary or birthday, but it had to be said. They choose to build on top of mud sliding hills, another contribution to destroyed homes. Nearly all of the residents can certainly afford to rebuild. But I am concerned with those who are losing all that they have. Like the 500 mobile homes at Oakridge Mobile Home Park. Am I being insensitive or does this side note hold some validity. You tell me.

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

JaneoJewels Introduces New Collection of Buckle Belts

Janeojewels.com introduces a brand new collection of buckle belts. Trendsetters like pop-princess Rihanna are influencing designers everywhere to create edgier, glamorous looks. If it is a more elegant look you desire, fashion belts are offered with demure designs. Janeo Jewels remains fashion forward in the pursuit to provide style at an affordable price. This new product features genuine swarovski crystals and extra large buckles in silver or gold. You chose which oversized buckle fits your style from the various designs offered on the Janeo Jewels website.

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New Styles for Men at JaneoJewels.com

As men become style conscious, Janeo Jewels provides trendy men’s accessories such as stainless steel jewellery including bracelets, rings and bangles. The pieces in Janeo Jewels men’s collection are sleek and can be worn on any occasion. This collection is great for individuals who have never bought jewellery because of its subdued design. But if you are an individual who has a mature jewellery collection, stainless steel is a great addition because of its timeless, diverse, and durable qualities.

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A Brand New Collection for Brides and Brideamaids

With a new collection of jewellery for brides and bridesmaids, Janeo Jewels is giving brides everywhere the chance to buy bridal and wedding costume jewellery at an inexpensive price. Wear diamond and pearl pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on your wedding day. Purchase wedding favors that your bridal party will forever cherish. Janeo Jewels offers a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles. Pieces are unique to the Janeo Jewels website and are available in your choice of rhodium or gold finish.

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Saturday, 8 November 2008

America’s Patriotism Revived

Diane Von Furstenberg launched her latest collection in London, England on November 5th, the day after Barack Obama was announced as the United States President-Elect. Coincidently, the collection features an American patriotic theme. Colors of red, white, and blue, and stars and strips inspire its pieces. The collection reinforces the phenomenon that is occurring in the United States by its use of iconic figures and the life story of the collection’s creator.
The story of Diane Von Furstenberg parallels that of American Superhero, Wonder Woman. Furstenberg was born in Belgium and moved to the United States to become one of New York City’s premiere designers. Furstenberg has reinvented what it means to be feminine and she has pioneered the wrap dress. A garment that can transition from work to evening when paired with costume jewellery like crystal brooches or diamond chandelier earrings. The life of Wonder Woman echoes Von Furstenberg’s by her origins of a foreign birth country, power and influence on those around her. Not to mention the resemblance is striking. Both ladies have flowing dark hair, olive skin, and figures that look banging in 1970s hot pants. The use of Wonder Woman to represent a paralleled life of the designer and American patriotism is not haphazard. Wonder Woman starred in an exhibition called “Superhero: Fantasy and Fashion” at the MET in New York City. When John Galliano designed for Christian Dior he also turned to Wonder Women for his muse. Andrew Bolton curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art feels that, "When designers look to Wonder Woman there are two things they seem to refer to -- her role as Amazon woman, this strong powerful Amazonian figure -- and her as a symbol of America, a symbol of democracy.”
Barack Obama has been deemed America’s superhero by many. It is an unfair title. He should not be looked at as a figure who can save the world, but as a person who is dedicated, qualified, and who is equipped to see the United States into a prosperous new era. Von Furstenberg believes that for Barack Obama, "It's not about a superhero," Diane von Furstenberg adds that, “It's just because he's bright and he's willing to do the work. And he's young and he has energy, and that's it." Needless to say, she cast an absentee ballot for Obama while in Asia.
The timing of an American patriotic themed collection couldn’t be any better. Fashionistas everywhere can celebrate the United States and the flair of the designer with femininity and style.

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Thursday, 6 November 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama

OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA . . . is the chant heard round the world. These last few months of the presidential campaign have been strenuous for both John McCain and Barack Obama. They have worked countless hours and have sacrificed critical time with their loved ones, but it can only pay off for one, President-elect Barack Obama.

This presidential race is one of the most historic in history. Individuals of every race, color, and creed sat glued to their television screen on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, a day that I am marking as an official holiday. It was a day of anticipation, jubilance, nervousness, and amazement felt by supporters around the world. It was a day so monumental for United States citizens, African Americans, and world citizens. In an instant negative perceptions of the United States given post-war were transformed by the image of unity, change, hope, and possibility.

The image of Chicago’s Grant Park reflected the diversity of America. The family of Barack Obama and Joe Biden joined on stage. The faces of Biden’s grandchildren and Obama’s daughters glistened like a box of jewellery filled with crystal brooches, swaroviski crystals, and diamond bracelets. The lights of Grant Park shined on Obama and he beamed like a diamond pendent. As Obama gave his speech tears of joy representing the long suffering of his heritage and the renewal of faith in the United States, a country that I am proud to call my own, flowed down the cheeks of crowd goers and viewers at home. However, it is unfortunate that Obama’s grandmother did not live to witness this day, but so many people can sympathize, especially, those with parents who have recently passed who lived through segregation and integration.

In Arizona, where John McCain accepted his defeat, the crowd was very different from that of Grant Park. It was much smaller in count, less diverse, and carrying a very different tone. As McCain spoke of Obama, the crowd would boo, but as Barack Obama said, “I am your President too.” However, Senator McCain was eloquent and genuine in his deliver acknowledging the struggles of African Americans and what it means to us. He also offered his support and continued service to the United States and Obama.

On this day, as America ushered in a new president all were not respectful or gracious, defeated opponents. In an interview, long time presidential runner Ralph Nader was asked if he would like to retract a statement he made comparing Obama to Uncle Tom, Uncle Tom?! Even on this day, he defended those remarks and to the upset of the interviewer, he was “reduced to irrelevancy.”

For Obama, things are moving at a pace faster than ever, he has already named Rahm Emmanuel as his White House Chief of Staff, but he will be given a time to reflect on the past two years this weekend. He will enjoy a quiet time at home with his wife and daughters. His daughters will also be given time to pick out a puppy that will come along to the White House.

This election, while a victory for African Americans was not just about race. Obama transcends culture. People see a man that empowers them to achieve the best, he is the American dream: through adversities anything is possibility. That is why he has the support of the world; that is why he is the United States President-Elect.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

“BBC Radio 2: Implications from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross' Wednesday Show”

Pushing the envelop is a risky game. Some people do it to find their limitations within a relationship, being work or in their personal lives, while others do it as a means of innovation and creativity. Comedians are notorious for using uncomfortable, socially conscious, politically sensitive and down right sticky situations in their material. And although some comedians have been deemed brilliant and savvy when they can turn a hostile situation into pure comedy, some miss their cue. Like comedian from Seinfeld who used the n-word at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. Patrons of the show and other members of the community were upset by the usage of this politically incorrect word. Comedians Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross found the limits within their relationship with the BBC. Now they watch as their careers are sacrificed by a controversial joke.
It was on BBC Radio 2 were Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross made claims that Brand slept with Georgina Baillie, granddaughter of Andrew Sachs actor from Fawlty Towers. Ironically, Baillie is a dancer who performs with the troupe Satanic Sluts. Even though she dances around in almost there costumes dripping in gems and swaroviski crystals, Bailie feels that Brand and Ross should show respect. On air, the two DJs left messages on Sachs’ answering machine stating these claims.
After full offense was taken by Sachs, Baillie, and listeners; the BBC issued this statement, “BBC audiences accept that, in comedy, performers attempt to push the line of taste. However, this is not a marginal case. It is clear from the views expressed by the public that this broadcast has caused severe offense and I share that view.” Ross is currently under pending suspension for twelve weeks without pay. Brand acknowledges his misjudgment and has decided to quit his Radio 2 show. Lesley Douglass, station controller, also resigned. However, Brand and Ross have apologized to Sachs.
These are not the only repercussions the DJs will face. Jonathan Ross was selected to host the 2008 British comedy awards, but due to all of the negative publicity Ross pulled out of the show. He does not want the news to take away from the show and artist it will feature. As usual the show will go on with actors dressed in the best of diamond jewellery. Clothing by high end designers will compliment costume jewellery like crystal brooches and chandelier earrings. Once the lights are on the show will proceed as usual.
Upon the wake of this incident, the BBC will implement more stringent guidelines set for program editors. They understand the sentiments of their audience and realize that poor judgments can no longer be tolerated.

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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hollywood's Celebrities doing Halloween with funky jewellery

In LA anything goes. California seems to be the only state in the nation that plays by its own rules. Its citizens are eccentric, whimsical, individualistic and sometimes plain strange. And in a town full of actors, directors, writers, and musicians, the imbalance of normal and crazy must be the formula needed to remain creative. Everyone wears boots in the summer and shorts in the winter. Okay, so the weather does permit, but the nickname “La La land” is definitely fitting.
Halloween, the second largest retail holiday next to Christmas, allows Los Angeles to realign with the rest of the world. Because you see, while the rest of the world is venturing into the realm of the weird, grotesque, and all that is Halloween, Los Angeles has been in this state all year long. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that its citizens are not fashion forward. Shopping in LA is amazing. It is host to some of the best boutiques carrying men’s and women’s fashion belts, glass bead bracelets, and Swarovski crystals. However, California one-ups the rest of our states once again this Halloween through use of its celebrities. As they host parties and dress up in costumes that are just a little more outrageous than the rest of us.
Super sexy Victoria Secret angel Heidi Klum and husband Seal decided to spend their Halloween in NYC. They started the day off by strolling the streets of the Big Apple in costume. Well it least one of them. Seal wore a Barack Obama mask seemingly amusing to Heidi. Later that night, she hosted her Absolut 100 Party wearing a costume that outshined party goers everywhere. Painted in blue Heidi dressed as a witch doctor. Her head dress was bejeweled with stones matching her chandelier earrings and red eyes. She carried weapons and heads with her eight arms.
In Vegas celebrities continued the trend of being coupled up on the scariest night of the year. John Legend was there with his model girlfriend and Kim Kardashian attended the same party at PUR with NFLer Reggie Bush. Kim and Reggie dressed as 1950’s characters. She was a flapper covered in costume pearl jewellery, crystal bracelets and diamond earrings. Reggie was a 1950’s gangster, wearing 2008 canary diamond studs. I don’t think gangsters wore canary diamonds in the 1950’s. Let’s stick to the character. John Legend dressed up as a cowboy with moccasin clad girlfriend on his arm. Former Danity Kane member, Aubrey O’Day, also made her way to Las Vegas to host a “Halloween Night of Seduction” at Tabu Ultra Lounge. Aubrey dressed up as Disney mermaid Ariel. Surprisingly, her costume wasn’t as revealing and slutty as her reputation. Her reputation did get her kicked out of the girl group.
So as you see, the rest of the nation does align on Halloween. The stars travel to our cities, spread their quirkiness, craziness, and creativeness and we enjoy a taste of Hollywood every Halloween.

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