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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Rihanna Rocks the Fashion Set at the AMAs

There was plenty of red-hot red-carpet action to go around recently at the celebration of the American Music Awards, with some artists garnering heaps of praise while others were given their fair share of criticism in gossip rags and on celebrity-obsessed television shows. But few can deny that singer Rihanna made a formidable attempt at stealing the show in her red carpet number. Decked out in a black and white structural gown featuring and abstract, strapless bust and full skirt with open front, the singer put forward plenty of sex appeal while still managing to keep an elegant, collected character. Typically caught in the spotlight wearing attention-getting colors and sporting edgy designer pieces, Rihanna wowed the crowds with her more classic choice for the awards show, and even had some critics wondering if it was “too nice” for the event.

Rihanna at the AMA awards

Rihanna certainly go a chance to bring out the edgeware during her on-stage performances, however. Putting on a considerable spectacle with two songs off her new album, Rated R, the singer channeled Micheal Jackson in a tight, strappy white concoction topped off with stand-out shoulder pads bedecked with red lasers. Her show likewise took on a theme recalling the theatrics of Jackson's Thriller, fitting choices given that the recently deceased star picked up a handful of awards in his memory at the event.
Like many observers, we have a sweet spot for Rihanna's choice of fashion pieces for the show, but we couldn't help but notice how entirely bereft of jewelry the singer was as she hit the red carpet in her two-toned gown. Certainly, there are some pieces that call for minimal accessorising, and choosing little to no jewellery can help make a strong fashion statement even more powerful. But at an event such as the American Music Awards, we want to see some bright stones, gleaming silver, and other costume jewellery elements that usually only get to shine on the red carpet. Pulling of an organized look doesn't have to be a chore with modern costume jewellery, and Janeo stocks several jewellery gifts we think would have worked wonders with Rihanna's otherwise outstanding dress.

Janeo's black and white brooch

Janeo's chandelier earrings

This crystal brooch in a relaxed star shape is brimming with sparkle appeal and has just the right amount of flourish to set the cameras ablaze without being overbearing. Featuring alternating black and clear unbranded Swarovski crystals, the fashion pin jewellery is the perfect match for a monochrome frock. A splash of color in just the right places can really bring out the best in a black and white dress, however, and we can't think of a better way to accomplish such a swath of gentle hue than with our multi-colored Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings. Offsetting the bare shoulders creating by the gown, this pair would have worked wonders for Rihanna's red carpet ensemble. Did you think the singer deserved the red carpet accolades at the show this year? Or was someone else better-dressed?

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All Hail Janeo's Weekly Winners!

Once a week, we post the names of our weekly winners, each of whom are entitled to a brand new costume jewellery item of their choice. Check out our prize collection, accessible via the main page, to see the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and other items ready for wrapping in our signature organza bags and shipping off to winners. If you've won, send us an email with a link to the item of your choice.

This week's winners are:

Trina Shaw
Jean Stewart
Jayne Morris
Yvonne Poole
Jim Hughes
Terry Forsey
Lindsey Madeley

Three cheers and plenty of crossed fingers for our other entrants this week. If you've purchased from Janeo in the past, you're automatically entered; otherwise, you can add your info to our winner's pool on our website.

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Vietnam Joins Asian Fashion Federation – Fans' Dreams take Flight

The Asian Fashion Federation, or AFF, is responsible for supporting and overseeing many of the activities of the garment and textile industries in a number of countries throughout Asia, and is regularly distinguished as being one of the world's most rewarding and fashion-forward organizations. The AFF celebrated a new milestone this week as it announced the addition of Vietnam to the Federation's group of five participating countries. Now incorporating Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and newcomer Vietnam, the Federation presents an even more powerful fashion punch and may help deliver much-needed economic stimuli to the region's various fashion industries. Though Vietnam is the newest member of the group, it is no stranger to the fashion world, being home to scores of fashionistas and budding designers intent on expressing their individual takes on clothes and accessories to the world of wearables.

fashions on display for Vietnam's historic addition to the AFF

The joining ceremony, in fact, was held as part of a major national competition, the Vietnam Collection Grand Prix 2009, which took place over the weekend of the 22nd and featured a boggling amount of entries at over eleven thousand, submitted by over fifteen hundred talented entrants. Some designers chose to focus on the natural fashionable charms of the country, incorporating luxurious local silks and dyes, while others concentrated on creating interesting structural pieces that showed an individual flair while still drawing upon classic Asian lines and concepts. The prizes at the Grand Prix showed that Vietnam is serious about boosting its fashion sector, with tens of millions of Vietnam dong up for grabs in a number of category competitions including those for material, impression, and colour.
With the flourishing of the Vietnam fashion industry and the continuing success of fashion throughout Asia, it's becoming clear that tomorrow's styles may adopt growing influence from the region. While we can certainly appreciate both traditional and modern takes on Asian fashion, we're most enthusiastic about the possibilities for designs in costume jewellery. Where there is a boom in clothing, there's bound to be a sister boom in accessories, and we can't wait to see the bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, cocktail rings, and other pieces that will work Asian themes into luxurious but affordable gems. From bamboo bangles to Swarovski-studded chandelier earrings, funky rings to layered necklaces, and everything in between, we're ready for Vietnam's designers to show the AFF –and the world at large-- how shape, shade, substance, and form can be modified and made into something beautiful.
Asia's role as a growing economic superpower has certainly extended to the world of fashion, and though there are many regions throughout the world with great track records for creating attractive jewellery, Vietnam and its new partners may prove some of the most versatile and unexpected. What are your favorite global hot spots for jewellery –and how did they gain their notoriety and relevance in the world of gems, metals, affordable price, and everything nice?

USB Asian-influenced jewellery from Janeo

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Classy, Cute, and Just the Thing for your Winter Bag

Bag charms and other purse accessories are fast becoming some of the hottest costume jewellery products on the market, and while finding a great bag is an accomplishment in itself, a growing number of women are finding that the process just doesn't quite feel complete without the addition of a bag charm that speaks to personal preferences and style. At Janeo, we've been scouring the markets for months to offer a collection of bag charms, key chains, cell phone straps and embellishments, and other trendy accessories to keep our customers bedecked with the very best. We couldn't be more thrilled with the resulting collection, but of course, every truly great set knows how to adapt to the changing of the seasons. We've got that angle well covered with our recent addition of this Winter Man bag charm, an irresistibly cute and cuddly teddy bear dressed in his winter finery, complete with Swarovski crystals, smooth metal finishes, and creamy, bold enamel.

Janeo's darling teddy bear bag charm dressed up for the holidays

There are plenty of purse charms that look fun from a distance but lose their appeal after the first impression, but our Winter Man bag charm has a fashion-forward feature that ensures he'll always work is way into any observer's heart. With fully mobile limbs, the teddy bounces and jiggles with every step, proclaiming the cheer and animation of the season while adding pops of color and interest to your handbag. Dressed in a delicious candy-apple red suit and an adorable winter cap with clear, unbranded Swarovski crystal pom-pom, the teddy is the very picture of winter whimsy and can brighten up even the gloomiest of cold days with a single glance.

Detail of teddy bear purse charm

The serene and effortlessly endearing face on the Winter Man bag charm is matched only by the central heart-shaped design, filled with small clear Swarovski crystals. With the crystals' brilliant, light-catching facets and the rich gleam of 14k gold, this bag charm uses the most luxurious materials of quality costume jewellery to play out its message of comfort and joy. You'll inspire smiles among passers-by as you complete your yearly shopping, start conversations at work whenever your purse is plopped down on a desk, and attract the excited attention of children as they spot your special seasonal spirit dangling from your bag. Put a little warmth into your choice of accessories this year, or give the Winter Man charm as a gift for your favorite fashionista. The piece can be worn as a bag charm or key ring, and comes with a ring fastener and lobster clasp. Our cute and cuddly charm is a limited edition item, and stocks may deplete quickly as the teddy charms his way into many a shopping basket. Let your sense of fun and fashion blend and add something truly special to your season with this bag charm, one of costume jewellery's most alluring, if unexpected, treasures.

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Australian Silversmith Makes Jewelry with a Bite – What's Your Take?

Modern jewelry, whether in the context of fine or costume pieces, certainly has no trouble tackling new and developing themes and working with new concepts and materials. The ability of jewelry to evolve with trends and ideas is, in fact, one of its greatest attributes, and its quest to remain appealing, beautiful, and complimentary helps make jewelry the stuff of treasure boxes. Sometimes, however, a certain trend or direction in jewelry design may seem shocking or out of touch with what wearers want, and new ideas may receive difficult or negative receptions upon being unveiled. While the verdict isn't entirely in on Australian Silversmith Poly van der Glas' latest collection quite yet, there are some very heated opinions circulating through the jewelry industry, suggesting that the jewellery designs will be, if anything, at least able to spark interesting conversation. But why are van der Glas' creations so prone to making people gab about their jewelry preferences? One look and the reason is clear: the collection features, unabashedly front and center, the unlikely material of human teeth.

a picture of a new tooth-based jewelry collection

Sterilized before placement, the canines, molars, bicuspids, and other pearly whites are incorporated into modern silver pieces, taking the place of more conventional semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, or bits of glass. At once curious and controversial, the pieces challenge notions of what treasures should be and look like –after all, most of us have coveted lost teeth as a means of wooing the Tooth Fairy at some point in our childhoods. A large contingent of supporters hail from the “green” or “eco” jewellery camp, noting that the recycled nature of the teeth makes the pieces more friendly for the environment. Yet those in opposition of the rings, earrings, and necklaces in van der Glas' collection suggest that plenty of other recycled materials, such as sea glass, conscientiously-sourced metals, and textiles and twines like hemp are just as “green,” without crossing the line into the use of human remains.

another view of the van der Glas tooth jewelry collection

Whether jewelry lovers praise or loathe the toothsome creations seems largely a matter of personal preference; major affiliations or partnerships with the van der Glas line have yet to make themselves known, and it may be the case that today's style houses and mega-fashion publications are unsure of what to make of the designs. Still, the ability of the jewelry to stir up some interest in just what makes our accessories beautiful is a valuable quality that the fashion world surely won't miss. At Janeo, we haven't quite crossed the line into offering costume jewellery with a literal bite, but we're proud to stock plenty of modern, interesting pieces that are just as sure to turn heads and spark discussions when worn. If you're into the daring edge of modern jewellery, you can find plenty of appealing options with costume pieces, whether or not you supplement your bedside box with a few dental dainties. So we ask: would you wear these toothy treasures yourself, or are they destined for the trash?

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Hooray for Our Weekly Winners!

Get a bit of financial relief for your holiday shopping list or pick something you've been wanting to wear –the choice is yours when you're a Janeo contest winner! If you've won this week, check out our prize selection on the main site and send us an email containing a link to the item you'd like to get in the mail. We'll do the rest!

Congrats to:

Heather Shaw
Rebecca Townsend
Olga Snitsarenko
Lorraine Smith
Anne-Marie Robson
Les Thomas
Roy Strange

Have fun with your shopping and good luck to other Janeo fans this week!

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Victoria Beckham Credits 7-Year-Old Son with Fashion Design Help

Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, has been a central figure of fashion and celebrity in the UK for several years. From her much-copied haircut to her seemingly failsafe insistence on perfectly tanned and toned skin at special events, the pop star and wife of renowned football star David Beckham is frequently featured in magazines, gossip rags, and of course, plenty of places online. Other than traversing the globe looking fabulous, however, Beckham has also begun to show an increasing interest in fashion design, the latest result of which is the launch of her new label. Working towards bringing her distinctive style and sense of taste to stores for her admirers, Beckham has purportedly devoted many hours and lots of effort to establishing herself as a trustworthy source for spot-on clothing and accessories. Where precisely the Spice Girl gets her inspiration hasn't always been clear, but recently, the singer divulged that her seven year old son Romeo has played a part in her design choices.
Romeo, who is the middle child in the Beckhams' collection of three young boys, is apparently quite interested in his mother's new profession, asking to be taken to work and to participate in the production of design and textile work. Beckham notes that her son loves to feel fabrics and speak his mind about various fashion pieces, and often offers his opinions on his mother's own apparel choices. In fact, Beckham has related that on some occasions, her sons have helped her to avert potential fashion disasters, such as the combination of skinny jeans and an opera cape which cause her children to exclaim that she looked like Batman –not likely the precise look she was hoping to achieve.
Involving the creativity of children in fashion and design work might not always be the wisest of choices, but the honest opinions of the young may indeed lend assistance to those hoping to create pieces that will dazzle and impress potential buyers and lookers-on. Not strictly limited to clothes themselves, children may also be able to provide insight on collections and combinations of costume jewellery. Helping to identify items that clash and putting together pieces that are made for each other in ways that might not readily be apparent to a trained eye overworked with the perception of aesthetics in daily life, kids might prove to be an especially effective mirror.
Next time you're deliberating over whether to pair a multi-tiered necklace with a bangle bracelet, or aren't sure if a certain pair of crystal drop earrings go with the neckline of an evening gown, consider soliciting the opinion of someone who can offer a frank decision on the spot with no bias: a child. You might just find that by taking Victoria Beckham's lead and involving youth in your fashion decisions, you can add a bit of extra fun –and an extra layer of security-- to how you compose your look.

A trio of pictures displaying Victoria Beckham's fashion prowess

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Opulence for Every Age and Event

The crown jewels of royal treasure collections, the sparkling necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and rings bedecking celebrities as they stroll down the red carpet, the over-sized gems placed carefully in the beckoning windows of the finest shops –around the world, in nearly every culture, opulent jewelry has the power to inspire and seduce. While growing up, many of us don our parents' pretty pieces, imagining ourselves as flamboyant, over-the-top characters covered in the most rare and precious jewels. We might dream of receiving a museum-worthy piece as a gift from a lover, or we might trek to a museum itself to take in the dazzling beauty of an historically important piece. Many people never know the true delight, however, of feeling and seeing a truly extraordinary and extravagant jewellery necklace set or item lighting up their face. With the growing popularity of costume jewellery, and the shopping-savvy public, this trend is changing. At Janeo, one of our favorite ways to express and share our love of opulent costume jewellery bracelets, earrings, and other crystal jewellery and .925 sterling silver pieces is to fulfill the dreams of our customers who have always wanted to explore the world of guilty jewelry pleasures. Though we have many jewellery sets and wholesale costume jewellery collections that achieve this goal, one of our favorite rich and refined pieces is this unbranded Swarovski crystal necklace and earring set in amethyst with silver detail.

amethyst and antiqued silver costume jewellery necklace set

An incredible and impressive set, this collection is sure to cause jaw-dropping jealousy whenever fellow jewellery lovers are encountered. An essential and certainly very special addition for your jewelery box, or for the sparkling trove of a loved one or friend, this set is ideal for special occasions, nights out on the town, or simply getting a little extra luxury into your day. The necklace is focused on a dangling centerpiece that drips with multi-faceted light and shining silver, tempting the eyes with its glamorous twists of deep and bold purple-pink and glints of light metal underscored by dark antiquing. Several generously-sized round crystals are featured on the pendant, treating you and your admirers to a visual feast recalling formal tea service sets, freshly-picked grapes, shooting stars, and elegant estate chandeliers.

matching amethyst and antique silver chandelier earrings

Speaking of chandeliers, the set is completed with a pair of finely detailed matching earrings, with plenty of dips, dangles, and sparkling crystals to add mystery and magic to any look. The earrings feature a three and a half centimeter drop, complimenting the ample thirty centimeter drop of the necklace. When you or your gift recipient steps out in this set, the daydreams and childhood ideals of grandeur will come to life on neck and ear lobe. Make the dream come true –affordably-- with Janeo, a place where looking like a million bucks doesn't break the bank, and where the very best in costume jewellery is waiting to be worn and to inspire new generations of jewellery lovers.

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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Men Stainless Steel Jewelry and More at 50% Off for Every Second Item

If you've shopped with Janeo before or you've had a look around our on line shop, you've probably noticed that we're very fond of special promotions and sales. The holiday season is one of the best times to give bracelets chunky, stainless steel cross pendants, wristband bracelet pieces, and other men's jewellery staples, and it's also a great time to kick off holiday savings. That's why we've decided to treat Janeo costume jewellery shoppers to an incredible sale. For every item in our Men's Shop, you can take advantage of our Buy One Get Second at Half Price promotion. That means if you purchase a leather bracelet men, you can get a leather cuff wristband at half off, a price that's too good to pass up based on our already affordable rates for men's leather cuff and mens steel jewelry.

one of Janeo's trendy mens steel jewelry bracelets

Though most costume jewellery shops, both on and offline, stock solely women's pieces, we've been carefully expanding our men's selection over the years, and today can offer a great collection of silver jewellery bracelets, stainless steel jewellery wholesale, stainless steel chain necklace gifts, mens leather cuff pieces, and many other items. These trendy yet individual jewellery picks are perfect for dressing up outfits, whether urban and casual or refined and ready for the boardroom. Representing a broad range of styles, our men stainless steel jewelry, including our popular stainless steel chain necklace, are great for treating yourself to something chic that can become a conversation piece, but are also fabulous for gift-giving.
Our special 50% off promotion for every other consecutive item allows you to take care of all the special men on your holiday shopping list –or to sneak the occasional treat for yourself. Items in the Janeo Men's Shop, like our mens silver and leather bracelet, have been selected for their appeal in any season and their quality of design. When you wear silver necklace men's items or don a brown leather cuff, you won't have to worry over whether your jewellery is contemporary and up to speed on the latest fashions. We've made sure that silver jewellery bracelets, keyrings, pendants, and all other items are hot and in demand, letting you relax and enjoy putting your best style forward.

a bracelets chunky example in leather from Janeo for men

Stock up on items from the Men's Shop while we still have the stock to offer you this delicious half-off deal. You can expect the same quality customer service and beautiful, highly acclaimed gift wrap that comes with all of our other offers, and you'll find that gift giving –even if you yourself end up the recipient-- is as affordable as it is fashionable when you shop at Janeo. For extraordinary mens leather cuff bracelets, stainless steel cross pendants, and other costume jewellery pieces perfectly fit for today's fashion-forward male, visit the Men's Shop and save. May the start of your holiday season be smooth, sparkling, and spectacular!

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Congrats Weekly Winners!

It's time for another round of lucky prize winners here at Janeo, and we can't wait to ship our winners' choices off to them for holiday gift giving or for treating oneself to a beautiful jewellery delight. If you've won this week, all you need to do to secure your prize is to check out our prize winners' category on the main site. Select the item you'd like to receive, and send us a link to that item in an email. We'll do the rest!

This week's winners are:

Angie Budd
Laura Brison
Elizabeth Tyler
Mary Campbell
Kieran Orwin
Mary Costello

Congratulations to our winners & may all other entrants enjoy the anticipation of a future win.

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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pakistan Holds First Fashion Week Despite Violence

When Pakistan is considered as a country, it's not likely that one of the first things that comes to mind is fashion. For several years, the land has faced waves of conflict between Taliban militants and rival security forces, and has been featured in the news mostly for the coverage of bombings and other attacks. Women in Pakistan have been especially highlighted as oppressed, with conventional costume dictating that a minimum of flesh is shown, requiring the use of burqas and confining women to the house most of the time. In such an environment, the emergence of a grand fashion empire might seem unlikely. Yet that is precisely what has been unfolding in the city of Karachi, home to twelve million people and home city of the country's first-ever Fashion Week.
Taking the world by surprise –and by storm--, the event has faced numerous difficulties both in its organization and in the final presentation. Throughout the planning process, the launch of the event was put on delay in response to security threats. As the fashion show, featuring the designs of several rising talents in the field, largely flaunted Western ideas in fashion and society, the event was seen as a direct challenge to Taliban rule and many conservative values held by traditional Pakistani society. Persevering through the threats to deliver a week of entertainment and visual enlightenment proved to be highly successful, even in spite of an initial power outage, one of the many chronic problems experienced in the bustling metropolis of Karachi.
The few who might naturally associate Pakistan with fashion are likely historians and other scholars; one of the leading producers of silk and other fine fabrics, Pakistan has enjoyed a rich history of the production of precious textiles, and supports a massive exporting industry responsible for much of the country's income. Yet this fabric is mostly sent out others to be made into modern, fashionable clothes. The organizers of Pakistan's first Fashion Week have underscored the need for residents to explore the riches of their own resources, and to take part in the country's fashion revolution.
It is hoped that along with dresses, shawls, suits, and other items of apparel, the designers will broaden their creations of accessories, including costume jewellery. With an arsenal of fabulous and affordable gems bedecking costume jewellery necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and other popular pieces, Pakistan may well achieve its goals towards a more peaceful society with fashion on its side. Strolling down the catwalk in creations that might cause quite a stir on the streets of Pakistan itself, the models sported inventive hairstyles and sparkling garments, taking part in one of fashion's most respected events. Proving themselves worthy of international fame and involvement in the global fashion community, the Pakistani Fashion Week team turned out, by all accounts, a spectacular show, and there are many hopes for happy returns of the event in well into the future.

a fashion creation displayed at the first Pakistan Fashion Week

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Elegant Emerald Statements in Shape and Shade

One of our favorite characteristics of costume jewellery is the way in which items can be considered as whole, complete objects or taken into account for their individual elements, letting the eye as well as the mind take flight. Roaming over sparkling crystals or following the sultry lines of silver, with any material on any part of the body, costume jewellery serves to delight and inspire, and it does its job well. The nuances of form and color are important aspects of this visual dance, and though not always front and center, glass is one of the most impressive mediums for displaying this wondrous property. Here at Janeo, we have many pieces in metals, crystals, enamel and other popular, modern jewellery components, but we've always had a soft spot for glass, and our affinity is perhaps best displayed in our collection of two-tiered pear drop glass necklaces. This double-decker strand, beautifully illustrated in swirls of peacock blue, green, purple, and clear, will have your senses soaring each time you behold its curvy individual beads or take in the entire piece in a brief glance in the mirror.

our swirling emerald glass two-tiered necklace

Our costume jewellery glass bead necklace is a paradise of colors, with shades that recall the brilliant displays of the feather-fan tails of peacocks, the rich tones of the forest, and even a bit of the intrigue of the sea. You can soak up all the splendour of the hues encased inside these beads through the effortlessly elegant shapes of glass pear drops and perfect rounds, at once reflecting light and creating glossy curves while shining through with bursts of deep and engaging color. The necklace is comprised of a first layer of alternating clear and purple-infused round glass beads. Setting the stage for the impressive flourishes to come, this fun and playful layer still manages to remain subtle, injecting the piece with occasional pops of color that nevertheless don't interfere with the smooth attitude of the overall piece.
Embracing the initial strand of round beads, a sweep of alternating purple-infused rounds and pear drop, curvaceous beads swirls over the neck, creating a dripping effect that works well with the vast majority of dresses and sweater necklines. The piece is substantial enough to create a strong fashion statement, yet doesn't overpower the eye or become too busy at any point. The perfect costume jewellery combination of grace and glitz is at home in this fantastic piece, and you'll love seeing it shine –and savoring the compliments of onlookers.

alternate view of Janeo's glass costume jewellery pear drop necklace

Priced to remain affordable for a range of budgets, this glass necklace is the perfect item for Fall –or for any time that calls for something sophisticated and classic. We're proud to offer this stunning design in a range of other colors to compliment any taste or wardrobe. If you've been looking for a new favorite necklace, put your faith in the glory of glass. It's a choice you'll find rewarding for years to come.

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Saturday, 7 November 2009

When Great Accessories go Along for the Ride with Bad Outfits

The work of a great accessory is nearly never done. Having to bring out the best of whatever it's accompanying, along with the wearer's natural features and style, accessories from costume jewellery pieces like cocktail rings and charm bracelets to purses, shoes, and scarves have a lot of style quotient to pull off in any given ensemble. Usually, with a basic getup or even a more complex set of clothes, costume jewellery is able to put in a remarkable performance. Sometimes, though, it must work overtime to combat the occasional bewildering fashion choice, especially in the case of celebrities dragging their jewellery pieces along with them into the spotlight. Such was the case on a recent X-Factor episode in which host Cheryl Cole by now famously donned a quizzical dress by designer David Koma. Plastered across the web and in fashion and gossip mags, Cole's choice even got a surprised reaction out of fellow host Simon Cowell, who told Cole that she “had better sit up in that dress.” We've done our duty and taken in the full horror of the frock along with everyone else, but we've also spotted Cole's set of perfect bangle earrings putting in extra duty to suggest to criticising onlookers that even if her taste in dresses is a bit misguided, there are plenty of accessory memories to be made on the show.
The star wore a pair of amply-sized, polished metal bangles at a perfect mid-length, resting about halfway between her jawline and shoulders, emphasizing her neck and echoing the sleek look of her well-groomed updo. The earrings were no doubt chosen as a tribute to the 60's British mod look, well-matched by Cole's pair of dark matte thigh-high black boots. With earrings like these, we could almost be persuaded to overlook the jaw-droppingly awful dress that made its way onto the camera, but the sheer oddness of the swerving neckline, protruding armpits, and scrap metal-esque silver appliques (are those pieces of rebar or perhaps fridge magnets?) make it hard to stand by without saying anything.
Nevertheless, we think Cole's bangle earrings did a great job of showing that accessories can help dampen the blow of even the worst fashion faux pas. Of course, we'd love to see them working their magic alongside an outfit that doesn't evoke a bizarre space-age Barbie, but there are plenty of episodes left in which the set might get the chance to make a second appearance. We do our best to stuff our online catalogue full of original costume jewellery pieces that know how to handle the best and the worse of fashion situations, helping every outfit find the perfect flourishes in form, color, and creativity with prices that make owning an ample wardrobe easy. Next time you're not sure of a daring fashion choice, step out with the best of costume jewellery for support –but we imagine you'll fare better than Cole in any case.

Cheryl Cole in a questionable dress

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Congrats Weekly Janeo Winners!

Treat yourself to something special for the holidays a bit early this year and pick out a prize from the prize section on our main page. If you've won, all you have to do is send us an email with a link to the costume jewellery item you'd like to receive, and we'll make sure it gets to you in all its sparkling, stylish glory.

This week's winners are:

Ann Smith
Laura Houston
Geraldo Reyes
Andrea Nellist
Jay Lennon
Dojah Mamay
R. Toulson

Congrats and do let us know how you like your new jewellery piece once it has arrived!

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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Michael Jackson's Stage Costumes on Display

The recent craze over the life and works of Michael Jackson, who passed away earlier this year, has been heating up even more in recent days and weeks in anticipation of the release of This is It, the documentary that will give fans a taste of the series of comeback concerts that would have marked a major world-wide tour for Jackson had his unexpected death been kept at bay. Eager to see clips of the King of Pop doing his famous dance moves and working through the demands of dancer auditions and other behind-the-scenes action, fans are gearing up to get a final glimpse of the star who reigned on the pop charts for decades with mega-hit songs and music videos. For the concerts, Jackson had a bevy of designers from around the world at beck and call to create some of the most outlandish and inventive stage costumes imaginable –all with tributes to Jackson's original style. Yet these costumes won't be given much, if any, of a spotlight in This is It; for a look at what the star would have donned on stage, fans can venture to the O2 Arena in London, or can wait for the traveling collection to come to New York and Tokyo.
The collection of costumes represents some of the most painstakingly produced stage items ever made, with such items as intricate embroidered suits, eye-popping shoulder pad structures, and a single glove designed for the performance of “Billie Jean” which features scores of Swarovski crystals lit by emerging LED technology that was rushed into production for the sole purpose of serving Jackson's call for unforgettable costumes. Well-known for extraordinary pieces that started trends and defined entire eras in music, Jackson could have been reasonably expected to attend his concerts in high style. But one look at the costumes on display in this traveling collection shows the power of what can be accomplished when one of the world's greatest fashion icons pairs with designers such as Zaldy, Dior, and Balmain.
Those who take in the documentary are sure to find a farewell befitting of the King of Pop, with incredible song and dance numbers that doubtless would have had critics raving had the live performances been carried out, but which nevertheless convey the raw talent and skill of Jackson through rehearsal alone. Paired with the splendor of his costumes (not to mention his penchant for beautiful pins, belts, and other costume jewellery items) and the visual tribute to the star's unique and unforgettable place in fashion history, fans can find comfort, inspiration, and celebration of a man who seemed larger than life, even if his final years produced some degree of scandal and confusion. As with so many emotions, concepts, and ideas, fashion has decided that it can take on the job of sorting everything out; all that's needed to get the perfect parting picture of Jackson is to behold his over the top yet entirely appropriate comeback tour costume collection.

Michael Jackson's stage costumes for his comeback tour

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fall Fashion's Favorite New Necklace

Autumn is the most-loved season for many people, even with the allure of dewy, fresh Spring, crisp and icy Winter, and warm, balmy Summer with promises of beaches and tropical cocktails. There's something about the Fall that makes it especially appealing, from the feel of putting on a favorite cable-knit sweater that's been waiting patiently in a dresser drawer, to whipping up a big batch of a hearty harvest soup. By far one of the most frequently adored facets of Autumn is the season's display of gorgeous colors, seen in the turning leaves of trees, lit up in the sky during ever-earlier sunsets, and in the tones of fires being lit to warm homes and make traditional sweet and savory treats. Packing up all of this seasonal magic into a single jewellery piece might seem like a tall order, and that may well be the case; nevertheless, we've found a necklace that has perfectly hit the mark when it comes to evoking Autumnal splendor, and we couldn't be more pleased to offer it to our costume jewellery lovers this year.

our baroque autumnal cosutme jewellery necklace

Our baroque style topaz-toned necklace is a dream composed of many different elements and ideas, coming together in substance and form to create an impressive beauty that's bound to be the highlight of any autumn outfit. Beginning with several strands of a milk-chocolate colored cord, the necklace wraps around the collarbones in a slightly tousled wave, and is studded here and there with multi-faceted, amber-hued crystal beads, as well as creamy golden slider beads that help balance the citrusy bite of the crystals. Popping with color at unexpected intervals, the sides of the necklace are but the foundations upon which the incredible centerpiece has been built. With ornate, antiqued silver hardware beads interspersed with the topaz, the necklace becomes increasingly rich with tone and shape until it reaches a magnificent moulded center, comprised of a baroque-style flourish in pewter finish, studded with rich, deep mahogany Swarovski crystals in rounds and pear shapes. Strung from the ends of this unusual yet undeniably ornate and unifying piece, clusters of topaz crystal beads, strands of silver chain-link, and tassels of dark brown cord flitter gracefully, suggesting the gentle, whimsical dance of falling leaves during a late afternoon walk.

alternate view of Janeo's topaz baroque style necklace

This necklace is the perfect item to top any ensemble, whether formal or casual, this season, and is especially apt to steal the show at parties and special events. Wrapping together so many beloved elements of Autumn, the necklace bestows not only a warm, golden glow upon its wearer, perfect for turning heads and lighting up eyes, but has all the delicate and bold nuances of the highest styles in the baroque fashion in twenty three ample centimeters, giving any look an instantly antiqued, refined feel. This season, step out in true seasonal style with costume jewellery that knows just how to capture imagination and memory.

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