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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Modern Wedding Jewellery for Wise Brides

Finding the perfect bridal jewellery ensemble can seem like quite the chore sometimes. After fiding the ideal dress and making all the necessary arrangements for the rest of the outfit, some brides simply feel fatigued at the idea of having to start the searching process all over again in order to find the right jewellery set. Costume jewellery has a rich history of providing beautiful and coordinated sets for brides, whether the aisle ensemble is traditional or contemporary, and for a wide range of personal tastes and preferences. Materials such as pearls, crystals, smooth metals, and fun ribbons and bows have long been crafted into bridal jewellery items perfect for wearing while saying “I do.” At Janeo, we're happy to retain a quality selection of bridal sets, both for the bride herself and for bridesmaids and other special party members. One of our newest and most well-loved sets has made a particularly great impression on brides looking for a modern feel without taking too much of a departure from classic wedding elements.

pewter, silver, and pearl wedding jewellery set

Our pearl, crystal, and silver wedding set is comprised of a lovely necklace, a charming bracelet, and perfectly fashioned earrings, leaving it up to you to add the crowning touch –the ring. The necklace features a creamy strand of pearls that's just the right length for most gown necklines with an eighteen centimeter drop. Alternating between generous ivory pearls and smaller pewter pearl beads, the necklace culminates in a show-stopping centered pendant of rhodium studded with tiny clear and smoke Swarovski crystals. The interplay of texture and color throughout the necklace gives it immediate interest without being overpowering or taking too much attention away from the details of a dress. With all the best in light and shape comfortably coiled about her neck, any bride can luxuriate in this costume jewellery bridal necklace.

closeup of costume jewellery necklace for bridal

Supporting the visual interest of the strand, our set's pretty pair of earrings features an alluring “S” shape in silver-toned metal, adorned with artful clear Swarovski crystals at the base and throughout the five centimeter drops. With just a bit of dangle and the perfect amount of drama, these earrings provide an appropriate punctuation to the set and are sure to compliment any big-day hairstyle. Completing the set, our solid silver-toned bangle bracelet is an irresistible piece that conveys a sense of delicacy as well as strength. Opening towards the center to reveal six clear Swarovski crystals of graduating sizes and finished off with a generous and glittering clear center stone, the bracelet adds just the right touch of shine and sparkle to the wrist while rounding out the bridal collection.

closeup of wedding set sterling silver bracelet

This set is a dream come true for brides who hope to blend old and new jewellery elements, and the price will keep any bridal budget happy. If you're heading down the aisle, take this captivating set along with you. It's a partnership with which you're sure to fall in love.

closeup of costume jewellery wedding set crystal earrings

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Emmy Fashion Plays it Safe, But Big Jewels Abound

The annual Emmy awards comprise a star-studded occasion preceded by one of the most-watched red carpet events of the year. Twirling down the scarlet aisles in creations that dazzle the eyes and instantly inspire envy, admiration, bewilderment, or even bouts of laughter, Emmy fashion is practically its own spectator sport. Those fans who were looking forward to a challenging and adventurous event this year may have been disappointed, however, by the relative safety with which most stars stepped out on the big night. Though there was no dearth of class or elegance, risky ensembles and make-it or break-it gowns were, for the most part, left on the shelves as more reliable numbers made their way out of the limos and into the Los Angeles theatre venue.
Many designers were able to showcase a number of spectacular gowns from their collections; among them, Monique Lhuillier, Merchesa, and J. Mendel saw their creations getting ample spotlight time as notable stars donned their dreamy evening duds. A full spectrum of color and fabric was present at the event, with blue reining as one of the most popular choices for hue. Cut and shape was relatively uniform, however, with a few asymmetrical shoulders being the most “wild” departures from classic design –hardly a cause for gossip. The men showed up in relatively tame fashion as well, with refined suits, dinner jackets, and sweater vests making subtle statements that failed to rush anyone to the design headlines.
Though jewellery is often a hot topic on the Emmy red carpet, it was especially attractive this year in contrast to the simpler clothing designs worn by the stars. Great numbers of elaborate chandelier earrings were out in full force, and many gowns featured bejeweled bodices and skirts that played up the backgrounds of simple fabrics. Always eye-catching over-sized gems had their part to play as well; in enormous cocktail rings, seemingly painfully heavy earrings, and bordering-on-ostentatious bib necklaces brought out the sparkle that some suspect creates a fair amount of the “entertainment” extracted from the performers.
Regular fashion critics may have enjoyed the opportunity to focus on accessories and gab about makeup and hairstyles, but most were noticeably let down by the collective resistance to take any chances. While the Hollywood hot-or-not crowd can be especially vicious when an unfortunate fashion faux-pas finds itself in the spotlight, a little friendly jabbing could have helped the event satisfy the spectator appetite. The cure for a red-carpet night in which the floor itself was the most stand-out item? As London's recent fashion week has shown with its unveiling of bright and optimistic collections, fashion may be heading back towards the realm of experimentation. Here's hoping that the trend will make it through until next year, and that more stars will grace the Emmys with designs worth dishing about.

stars in their gowns at the 2009 Emmy Awards

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Congratulations to Our Weekly Winners!

Wouldn't it be nice to shop for something special for yourself or a loved one, have it all wrapped up in beautiful papers and organza ribbon, and shipped off to your destination of choice without ever pulling out a credit card or messing with a payment account? Our weekly winners can do just that by selecting an item from our prize section and shooting us an email.

This week's winners are:

Vicky Broomfield
Julie Clarke
Janice Chalmers
Pauline Giddings
Alicia Davies
Dave Edwards
Richard Snape

Congrats and good luck to those still waiting to win!

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

London Lights Up its Fashion Week with Bright Colors

Anyone following the latest runway adventures in New York fashion is likely to report that while some fashion week designers made clear efforts to move away from design trends doting on the recession, the majority of seasonal items were far from being especially adventurous. With the exception of a litany of super-short skirts, the shows on the western side of the Atlantic have been fairly tame, a theme which London has answered with decided contrast. Parading down runways and popping up at special garden and tent shows throughout London Fashion Week, dreamy creations in bright -–some might even say crazy-- colors were omnipresent, bringing out smiles and astonishment as fluorescents and other bold hues made their way into the designers' creations.
Thin and flirty fabrics abounded in many of the collections, helping to bolster the fairy-like air of long and flowing dresses and scores of sleeveless concoctions. Hair and makeup seemed something out of A Midsummer Night's Dream, with wispy do's and wild makeup recalling more exciting and carefree times. Indeed, it seems that London designers got the call to inject a bit of fun and freedom back into the fashion world, elements which have seemed palpably absent in recent seasons as the effects of the global financial crisis make contact with the world of fashion. Bringing back some of the spirit of creative design and experimentation, the clothes featured at London Fashion Week may help inspire women to re-connect with the experience of dressing up and expression through fashion all over again.
Amongst all the commotion with color, accessories had a bit of a difficult time playing the stand-out game as they have in previous shows. But of course, such items are never altogether absent. Shoes, bags, and other accoutrements stayed easy and accessible, and jewellery made a decided nod towards costume pieces. Whether big and bold with colors and textures reflecting the celebration of the clothing or providing a subtle counterpoint with simple lines and materials, costume jewellery was out in full force at London fashion week, gracing necklines, wrists, ears, and fingers with myriad stories that glittered and sparkled.
Collections were described as being full of energy and life -–things which many women may be looking for as they turn towards the future and focus on re-tooling for lifestyle changes that may or may not have been foreseen. While somber pieces have been dominating the market for a while, and more severe and serious shows have made their mark on the fashion world on either side of the pond, this refreshing fashion week has shown that designers and their supporters are ready to start stepping out in optimism and new thought once again. With the help of brilliant colors, adventurous fabrics, and the always-affordable glimmer of gorgeous costume jewellery, London's fashion set may prove that the real party has only just begun.

models in bright creations during London Fashion Week

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Classic Studs for Great Occasions, Including Every Day

One of the greatest things about modern costume jewellery is its great ability to bring beauty, excitement, and interest to fashionable looks in nearly every setting imaginable. With the power of glistening Swarovski crystals, gleaming metals in gold, rhodium, .925 silver, pewter, and other finishes, and rich, captivating enamels, costume jewellery has the ability to fashion something for every outfit and any night out –or in. While a fair majority of costume jewellery pieces are made to soak up all of the spotlight, not every item is quite as showy. Costume jewellery earrings in particular can make subtle and elegant statements, and our .925 sterling silver stud earrings with clear Swarovski crystals make an excellent case for the argument. Recalling the simple glamour of classic diamond studs, our unbranded and positively brilliant crystal earrings are a perfect choice for a night out on the town, a stroll through the park, or even a standard, every-day pair.

clear Swarovski crystal stud earrings

There's certainly something magical about the weight and feel of ornate chandelier or drop earrings when stepping out in an evening gown or other special ensemble, but there are times when a clean and basic look is far more complimentary. Costume jewellery is able to serve both purposes equally well, and while there's no shortage of extravagant crystal and metal earrings, more refined and understated items can give your look the perfect atmosphere.
As traditionally admired and treasured as a diamond solitaire ring or a tennis bracelet, our beautifully bezel-set clear Swarovski crystal stud earrings measure ten millimeters in diameter, with just one millimeter played out in lustrous .925 silver. The generously sized gems are rich with all the facets and flickers of light that have made Swarovski a highly desirable name for decades. Easy to pair with costume jewellery necklaces, bangle bracelets, hair accessories, and other bits of glitter, our studs are equally appealing when worn alone, and instantly bring out the sparkle of eyes and the glow of rosy cheeks.

close-up of clear Swarovski crystal earrings

A classic jewellery item that no modern wardrobe should be without, the pair makes a memorable and timeless gift and is a great investment for oneself, as well. Picture yourself or someone special making a grand entrance, whether with a dramatic gown or a simple structured suit, adorned with the instant appeal of these dazzling stud earrings. Never ostentatious, yet fully able to light up a smile and add an extra wink of glam to any setting, these earrings will never go out of style or lose their effortless attraction.
When you shop for costume jewellery, your eyes may first be drawn to the most eye-popping pieces on offer, yet there are many classic treasures to be found, as well. Claim the elegance of decades of jewellery accessories for yourself or a loved one with our clear Swarovski .925 stud earrings. You'll find that sometimes, great glamour comes in small packages.

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ralph Lauren Stuns Fashion Scene with Depression-Era Duds

With the first hints of autumn breezes and thoughts about pulling out that basic coat or shopping for a new one, an entire world of fashion comes to life, bustling with an intensity and energy that's been soundly hibernating throughout the summer season. One of the most famous and highly anticipated trademarks of this yearly shift is the stir of the New York fashion scene, with a wide selection of shows and special events putting on the ritz for the first time in many months. This year, shows exhibiting collections intended for Spring and Summer 2010 were full of flirty elements like short skirts and creative fabrics, and many critics noted that the industry was seemingly turning a blind eye to the difficulties it has faced in recent months at the hands of the economic crisis in America (with a pointed caveat for the strong focus given to decadent and more affordable accessories like bags, shoes, scarves, and –you guessed it-- costume jewellery). But one designer has decidedly put the brakes on the carefree fashion craze with a strong statement about hard times.
Ralph Lauren, a designer much loved for simple, comfortable, and effortlessly fashionable wardrobe and home furnishing basics, turned many heads and raised quite a few eyebrows with his recent show at the Spring 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It wasn't that his collection was particularly far-flung, or comprised a steep departure from his signature look and feel. Rather, the reflection on Great Depression-era styles and themes left audiences unable to escape from the reality of the present, nor from the lessons and wisdom of the past.
Denim was the start of Lauren's show, with a number of different textures, dyes, and washes on display. But these denim pieces, in shorts, pants, overalls, and tops, weren't the stuff of most clean and neat designer pieces dominating runways and billboards today. The show featured jeans ripped and worn beyond the point of a mere suggestion of previous wear; the look of hard work and dire times was clearly displayed throughout the collection as frays and other tastefully-placed aberrations worked their way around the cut-up clothes. Paired with basic work shirts and vests, tanned leather pieces and unlikely crystal-studded accessories, the collection gained praise and criticism alike from onlookers, none of whom were able to conceal their surprise.
With occasional pieces in floral gauze and more dramatic lame, Lauren hinted at breezier times ahead, and showed a dedication to the simple elegance for which he's always been appreciated. Such items, along with the rhinestones brimming with Swarovski-esque light and delicate, barely-there straps, provide a link back to the potential of the future and the ever-present hope of a fashion culture that has shown, through Lauren's representation, that being true to the hard facts of life doesn't mean one can't look chic and stylish.

a Ralph Lauren model

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Congratulations to Our Newest Winners!

Our winners for this week are:

Katy Buckingham
Jennie Lewis
Laura Ashby
James Gossage
Julie Cook
Phillip Tomkins

If you've won, send us an email with a link to the item from our prize section that you'd like to receive, and we'll send it off in our signature wrapping to help add something special to your costume jewellery wardrobe. Congratulations!

PS if you haven't won yet, enter on our main page or become a Janeo customer, or keep your fingers crossed if you've already signed up for our special contest. Good luck!

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Seattle Art Show Looks at How Style can Lead to Suffering

Most women -–and a growing number of men-- are familiar with the unparalleled feeling of making a grand entrance in a perfectly suitable and unforgettable outfit. With the right suit or dress, a choice pair of shoes, accessories that bring out all the beauty of the clothes, and hair and makeup that effortlessly creates an otherworldly glow, stepping out on the town or even heading in for the night in dressed-to-impress style can create a great sense of confidence and is able to fashion incredible impressions and memories. But the majority of people who've enjoyed this singular phenomenon are also likely familiar with the old adage that pain is beautiful; in numerous ways, some which seem unfortunate and entirely inadvertent, and others that seem questioningly deliberate, beauty has caused suffering to various degrees throughout the human preoccupation with the subject.
Recently, a museum exhibit in Seattle has opened its doors to the public, and explores who women have suffered for beauty throughout different periods of history, along with an investigation of how even today some women choose to incorporate painful practices or uncomfortable garments in the name of style. The show is helping many women and men alike consider the role of pain in beauty, and to question the necessity of this seemingly endless element of popular style.
There are several items from the past that easily connote the suffering that women have gone through in order to achieve ideal forms; from tight-lacing corsets that make breathing -–not to mention walking and bending-- fairly difficult, to cultural traditions such as Chinese foot binding, most parts of the world in most periods of time have developed a certain kind of restrictive style. In today's society, it might be easy to suggest that we've done away with such devices, yet a quick reflection on liposuction, laser hair removal, permanent makeup applications, tight spandex undergarments, and other procedures and specialty items will reveal that while forms may have changed, beauty's link to pain is as lively as ever.
Certainly, jewellery has had a role to play in this story, since its very beginning. From piercing jewellery intended to decorate intentional body modifications to weighted earrings and full collar necklaces that stretch the body in unusual ways, jewelry items have sometimes demanded a hefty price for their stylish payoff. Of course, most modern types of jewellery aren't hiding any painful intentions, and costume jewellery a particularly good choice for attaining a high style quotient while remaining perfectly comfortable. Still, as we sit back, bedecked in lightweight jewels that sparkle without stinging, we can appreciate the journey that jewellery and clothing items have made throughout time -–and the women who have sacrificed a bit of comfort for a lot of couture appeal.

a woman modeling a Victorian corset

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sapphires in the Sea and Sky –Now for Your Ears

There are many sources of inspiration for jewellery designers. The beauty of nature, as displayed in flowers, in the movements of animals, in the hues of a sunset or the branches of a tree, is an ample muse that has rarely left artists wanting more. When accessorizing a suit, dress, or other outfit with sparkling costume jewellery, many women and men hope to add a bit of this boundless beauty of nature to their own ensemble, bringing a dose of the great outdoors and its millions of hidden wonders and eccentricities to a personal look. In myriad ways, costume pieces help fashionable dressers achieve this goal with affordable jewelry that's effortlessly fashionable and rich with the potential to outlive simple trends. Here at Janeo, we love pieces that take on the challenge of representing nature, especially when the task's achieved in creative and unexpected ways. Our recently acquired sapphire and turquoise-toned chandelier earrings have certainly made the grade, and we're proud to offer their cool blue appeal to nature lovers and jewellery fiends everywhere.

sapphire rose cut earrings

From the pristine tropical waters of the South Pacific to the brightness and vivid spectacle of a summer sky, light blues have captivated the eyes and the spirit for centuries. Instantly transporting the senses to a faraway paradise, these colors comprise some of the most-loved visual treats in the spectrum, and bringing them to an outfit is a sure way to connote that your spirit is somewhere sublime. Our luxurious yet affordable jewelry chandelier earrings bring a peaceful and attractive range of tropical blues center-stage, with teardrop teal beads infused with crushed mother of pearl, along with sparkling, iridescent blue Swarovski crystals that add all the sparkle of the famous gems at unbranded prices. Layered in multiple tiers that sway and dangle with the wearer's movement, these earrings are hard to ignore, and you may find your favorite outfit hard to imagine without the inclusion of this pair's piercing blue.

alternate view of sapphire chandelier earrings

Bringing a luxurious ten centimeter drop to the earrings, the layers of gems play with transparency and milky luster, with sharp and twinkling facets and smooth, polished surfaces, resulting in an endless story of shape and form that makes wearing and beholding the crystal blue earrings a true pleasure. An insightful and unforgettable gift for someone special or a wonderful treat to give to yourself, this pair has all the right reasons for rounding out your jewelry collection. As you saunter into an evening crowd, gown and clutch exuding a classic yet subdued feel, your slightest sway sets off a turn of heads as an audience of eyes is held in captivity by the bright yet soothing drips of blue that dangle from your ears and frame your jaw and neck. Whether you're after the occasional compliment or you simply want to feel your exotic best at your next special event, these earrings are the ticket to realizing your own personal paradise.

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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Though it doesn't always score big points with parent organizations or conservative audiences, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show presents quite the televised spectacle each year as dozens of oiled and scantily-clad models show off the very best of what the lingerie fashion house has in store for the times ahead. Representing one of the most widely-viewed events of the year, the show is equally attractive to men and women, as the visual splendor is coupled with a close look at what to wear in the bedroom and under the season's most desirable outfits, with an ample dose of creativity thrown in. This year, the show is moving back to New York City, where it will be recorded for CBS –-the network that has won the show for several years running.
While there are plenty of complaints and protests, as can be expected nearly every year, there's also quite a bit of buzz leading up to the event, as gossip mags and fashion moguls alike attempt to guess what kinds of knickers will make their way onto the glittering stage. And the stage is likely to be, as always, aglow with props, paints, and special effects that almost make the clothing items seem like an afterthought. With a wonderful attention to design and detail, the lingerie pieces are traditionally shown off amidst spectacular sets and staged environments that border on making the fashion show a true performance piece.
Fashion accessories have been working their way more deeply into the Victoria's Secret catalogue in recent years, as shoes, bags, scarves, sunglasses, and yes, even jewellery, begin to pop up among the barely-there offerings. As the bra and underwear outlet has traditionally focused on mid-level market items that offer a bit of luxury at a reasonable price without truly entering the realm of couture, the accessories have, for the most part, represented affordable items that still attain a certain degree of style. When it comes to all that glitters, costume jewellery has therefore been the logical choice for Victoria's Secret selections, and such staples as colorful bangle bracelets, layered necklaces, funky pom-pom pieces, and chandelier earrings have shown up both on the glossy catalogue pages and in the annual fashion show to the delight of jewellery lovers everywhere.
This year, there's a great deal of anticipation for the large, structural, statement-laded jewellery pieces that have found themselves on more traditional fashion runways in New York and Paris. As chunky and bold jewellery items, from leather cuffs to big metal chokers and charms, to heavy and substance-rich earrings are a natural counterpoint to the soft lace and delicate lines of classic lingerie, the runway mix is sure to be interesting. Just in time for the Fall fashion season, the show is well-deserving of a highlight on the calendar of any jewellery fan.

a model at the Victoria's Secret fashion show

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This Week's Winners Take a Bow

What could be more fun than taking a few minutes out of your day to select a free costume jewellery prize? It's exactly what our weekly winners get to do, because they've purchased an item with us in the past or because they've signed up for our contest on the main site.

Congratulations go to:

Stacy Allen
Jo Kirkland
Wendy Monk
Cheryll Hastie
John Hatten
Andrew Burdess
Natalie Stirk

Winners can send along an email with the item they'd like to receive for prompt shipping. Hoorah and good luck to our other entrants in the coming week!

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Teen Choice Awards Highlight Hollywood Fashions

Throughout the year, at movie premiers and fashion weeks, and at an array of special events, the stars of the entertainment industry pose for the camera in their couture best, providing ample material for gossip rags and critical onlookers who love to assess just who was best-dressed. But it's not too common to focus the attention on teens and younger adults, which might seem a bit odd on the first pass as a growing number of stars are starting their professional careers at a younger age, and many modern style sensibilities are geared towards a younger market. But the Teen Choice Awards is a venue that's naturally given to attract younger stars, with emerging talents and established starlets making the rounds among a wider attendance that includes many entertainment industry staples.
At the most recent incarnation of this annual event, a number of young women stole the show in fashion-forward dresses that served as the perfect highlights for a perfect sun-lit California afternoon. Among those honored at the ceremony, “Heroes” actress Hayden Panettiere generated a fair dose of gossip power with her whisper pink ensemble, which included a ruched dress and subtle yet sexy shoes off-setting a relaxed yet classic hairstyle and neutral makeup. The star was presented with two major awards, and her fashion choices were picture perfect both on-stage and on the red carpet. The jewellery Panettiere chose was a bit formal but blended nicely with the soft tones of her dress; sparkling drop crystal earrings and a lattice-work crystal bracelet
Selena Gomez worked the crowd in a classic gown that borrowed a modern edge from a one-shouldered, toga-style design, carried out in pristine baby blue. With attractive T-strap sandals and a cute yet classy look and feel for hair and makeup, Gomez managed to look sexy without stirring up too much drama –a smart move for the emerging Disney-endorsed star. With a neckline that was all about elegant simplicity, Gomez' dress didn't need, nor did it have much room for, a necklace. But the starlet still let costume jewellery do its thing for her look with a gorgeous pair of oversized oval diamond earrings that were wonderfully elegant while recalling just a bit of 1960's chic.
Glamor girls Leighton Meester and Ashley Tisdale worked far more structured outfits, with the former showing up in a pretty black and white striped frock, an Tisdale showing off her enviable frame in a figure-fitting strapless gown with a contrast sweetheart neckline. Meester's shoes were the major accessory items of the night in bright red, but a bold leather cuff managed to steal a bit of the spotlight. Tisdale wore a series of bangle bracelets yet declined a suitable necklace to offset her gown –a mistake we think may have kept her from being crowned the night's most flawless fashion figure. As the starlets continue their work and start making the rounds at more mature events, we're eager to see who shows up to next year's shindig –and how they accessorize, of course.

stars at the Teen Choice awards

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Fun Flourishes with Juicy Colors

Traditionally, brooches have commanded the realm of the elegant accessory; whether finishing a favorite scarf or shawl in a sparkling culmination or showing off a new sweater, brooches have tended to take on a decidedly formal throughout many different movements in jewellery design. Affordable jewelry has often attempted to mimic the fine pieces worn by the wealthy and famous, sometimes with admirable results. But the brooch of today can easily be crafted within the affordable jewelry range without having to settle for being a mere mock-up of another piece. The modern brooch isn't just about elegance; it's about flourish, fun, and showing off the beauty of prized materials. Our multicolored crystal and rhinestone brooch is a perfect example of the joy and personality of modern pins, and is a colorful celebration of substance and style that will bring life and energy to any outfit.

multi-colored costume jewellery brooch

Starting with a swirling, fluid, brass-plated stem, the brooch weaves a sophisticated series of arches in subdued metal to serve as the basis for a bright and jubilant palette. Studded along the stem with a whimsical variety, bold, jewel-toned Swarovski crystals sparkle with light and color. Ranging from vibrant aquamarine to candy pink and lemon yellow, these multi-faceted round gems make the brooch pop with interest and help create the perfect setting for the floral brilliance to come.
And come it does; bursting with fresh color and a unique texture, a many-petaled crystal flower steals the show, offset by a matching pear-shaped deep green leaf. The petals, in alternating hues of red, pink, amber, turquoise, and green, are individually carved with a rugged surface that plays with the light, creating an endlessly interesting sunburst design that's sure to draw attention. At the very center of the flower, a generous aurora borealis crystal winks and glimmers with hints of a thousand different colors, a true luxury for the eyes. Measuring a substantial yet pleasantly lightweight six by three and a half centimeters, the brooch is an ideal size for a number of wearing options.
The complement of choice for a modern bride's ensemble, this costume jewelry brooch is bursting with appeal that's timeless and refined yet proudly progressive at the same time. Pinned to a dress or worn as a corsage, this brooch is sure to make colorful memories and bring out the beauty and meaning of the occasion. But you don't have to say “I do” to justify a brilliant entrance with this eye-catching brooch. Just right for both business attire and casual wear, the jeweled pin is a great addition to an otherwise monochromatic theme, or can help bring together the many elements of a more eclectic outfit. Complementary during the warmer months and a cheerful reminder of the coming spring when it's cold, the pin is a true treat for the senses and deserves a place of honor in any jewellery box.

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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Afghanistan Struggles to Emerge as Unlikely Source for New Fashion Trends

When thinking about Afghanistan, unfortunately, most people call to mind the most recent decades of violence and the political and social upheaval that has played out with dire consequences for the country's residents. A poor but historically and culturally very rich nation, Afghanistan deserves a look behind the walls of violence that has made it a representative of the difficulties of the region, past modern prejudices and preconceived notions, and into the beautiful and thriving world that has inspired artists, writers, and scientists for many thousands of years. Afghanistan may not come to mind as a place where high fashion has the great potential to come alive. To be fair, the country's use of the female burqa tends to support the idea that its residents wouldn't be much interested in the finer points of haute couture. But a new fashion line in Kabul is showing the outside world –as well as a large part of its inner society-- that Afghanistan is far from being fashion-less.
A simple glance over the traditional artisan goods of Afghanistan will yield exciting ideas about the possibilities for national fashion. With wonderful silks, rich, bold colors, an uncanny talent for embroidery, and fabrics as thin and luxurious as air, Afghan materials and talents present an incredible opportunity for putting together head-turning fashions well-suited for the country's female elite as well as clients around the world. The recent western discovery of Kabul clothing line Zarif, which is lead by a female manager (a fact that makes the label somewhat dangerous to run in a country threatened by the Taliban, which not only derides women's fashion but strictly forbids them from working), has brought these dreams to life with garments that seem crafted out of the very soul of the deserts, caverns, oases, and brilliant sunsets scattered throughout the land.
Working with fashion in Afghanistan may present particular challenges that are not experienced in other parts of the world. One source notes that the frequency of power outages means that generator fuel is a larger monthly expense than the cost of renting production and retail space. Yet it may be precisely these challenges that help craft the specific character of emerging Afghan fashion pieces, and as they make their way to the fashion capitals of the world –Zarif is sending designs to Dubai and Paris among other places--, the items are sure to begin to tell a story about the country that reflects modern-day challenges yet isn't blind to the richness of the past or the hope for the future.
Jewellery, both in terms of fine gold pieces and playful costume jewellery, is a staple of Afghan fashion, and is likely to hitch a ride on the wave of today's couture to reach a wider international audience. Filled with anticipation for the creativity and style sensibilities of these determined people, we can't wait to see what the country's artisans produce in the years to come.

an Afghani woman in ornate dress

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Congratulations to Our Weekly Winners!

Each week we select a group of previous customers and site visitors who opt to enter for our contest winners. All it takes is having made a purchase with us in the past, or entering on our main page, and you could be chosen to win. Our winners are able to select a piece of their choice from our prize category, and will receive their costume jewellery wrapped in our signature packaging.

This week's winners are:

Michelle Montford
Wendy Edmunds
Rodilyn Paredes
Alexander Markham
Melissa Sherratt
Simon Graham
Michelle Perez

If you've won, send us an email with your pick, and if you're still waiting to see your name, best of luck to you!

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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fashion House YSL to Hold Second Art Auction

Those with an interest in the world of high fashion may have noted the recent auction of artworks hailing from the personal collection of legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, but with all of the turmoil happening in haute couture these days, it's probably forgivable if the event was missed. The death knells, ringing out not so long ago, of French house Cristian Lacroix may lead to the idea that any sort of sale is directly linked to the effects of the global economic downturn on the classic sensibilities of the high fashion world. In a sense, this may be true in the case of YSL's auction, but the tone is distinctly different from those of other brands of late; the proceeds are going to charity. Namely, to AIDS research. Perhaps feeling charitable at the hands of personal misfortune (even if YSL stays afloat, the current state of affairs has to sting a little), or perhaps simply due to a personal inclination, the designer's decidedly opulent art pieces have lent their star power to helping further research for this serious health concern.
As if the masterpiece paintings and rare accentuating objects sold in the last auction weren't enough, the fashion mogul's estate has decided to hold another round of bidding on more of his collection. Coming from his country estate as well as his two urban residences in France, the items range from original Van Gogh paintings to a valuable ancient Chinese vessel, with plenty of eye-catching and rare items in between. Over the course of many years, Saint Laurent cultivated an impressive art and artifact collection with his partner, resulting in a treasure trove of items that are sure to draw even the most cash-strapped of bidders. After the designer's death last year, his partner made the choice to sell the pieces –a decision criticized by some, but applauded by others.
Of course, the auction may prove perfectly valid as grounds for dressing up and causing a bit of a stir in fashion mags. After all, the beauty of a Van Gogh doesn't have to mean that viewers' own artistic tendencies are totally out-shined. With a mild season prevailing in Paris, the event is ripe for a host of fluttery, flattering dresses, and audiences are rapt with attention to discover just what vintage YSL designs will make their way into the auction house. No matter the designer duds, there's plenty of room for costume jewellery to make a grand appearance at the event. With all the extraordinary items on the block, shelling out for pricey stones and branded baubles isn't likely to be in vogue. Instead, auction attendees can get a visual –and financial-- lift from radiant Swarovski crystals, complex chandelier earrings, beautiful brooches, and other jewellery pieces that look worthy of a few raised paddles but don't cost as dearly as anything in the lot.

a collage of designer Yves Saint Laurent

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Say Hello, Kitty!

There are few characters as universally recognized and adored as Hello Kitty. With an always-sunny, sweet disposition, the famous feline evokes a sense of childlike wonder and infinite cuteness that's difficult to resist. We certainly found ourselves unable to turn down the limitless appeal of Hello Kitty when we saw this classic cell phone charm fashioned in an homage to her meowing majesty. While cell phones these days may seem to come equipped with every accessory under the sun, incorporating scores of extra options and add-ons that help people communicate and stay entertained, their design often leaves something wanting. Most of us aren't gadget designers and we can't exactly get Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, and other manufacturers to take our costume jewellery prattling into account when it's time to create a new product, but, being the resourceful folks we are, we've decided to start offering the next best thing: cell phone charms.

Hello Kity cell phone bag charm

Accessorizing gadgets with phone straps laced with any number of delicious costume jewellery designs, a simple phone can go from factory standard to fashionably fabulous in a matter of seconds. With endless options for personalization, our mobile phone charms are a perfect way to add something special to a device you'll likely have to look at multiple times a day –you might as well make it more pleasant to see! That pleasantness is easy to achieve with our Hello Kitty cell phone charm. Measuring two and a half by three centimeters, Ms. Kitty's lovely head is suspended on a ten centimeter black cell phone strap, and weighs in at a super-light ten grams. Adding a wonderful appeal to any cell phone without weighing it down or becoming an obstacle, the charm glistens with crystals that may make your regular jewellery items a bit jealous.
Swarovski crystals are purrfectly laid out across the surface of the charm; tiny, round, and gorgeously clear sparklers comprise the kitty's head and ears, while three jet black crystals define her eyes and nose. Of course, Hello Kitty wouldn't be herself without her trademark bow, and our mobile phone charm beautifully illustrates her favorite accessory in lustrous aurora borealis crystals. Emanating an innocent and friendly attitude, this charm is a wonderful way to add personality to a phone, starting off every conversation with a bit of carefree splendor. Send a joyful message to friends and peers and share your love of the lighter side of life with with ultra-fashionable phone accessory.

Hello Kitty cell phone charm in gold and green

Trends may come and go, but the cell phone has firmly established itself as a must-have item that's essential for keeping up with modern communications and a fast-paced lifestyle. You can make your mobile phone part of your overall accessory scheme with our delightful cell phone charms, and if you're looking for the perfect compliment to a girly gadget, our Hello Kitty silver charm will do just the trick.
PS: She's also available with a light chartreuse bow for days when you're feeling more colorful!

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