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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The ways of a Master

The first time I came to know Susan, was in the late summer. The sun was shining and the hot summer sun shone glistening over the canal. To look at Susan you would think there was nothing exceptional about her. But I would say that within every person there is a unique gift or talent waiting to come out.

To watch Susan take just plain material and and other seemingly insignificant bits and pieces, and make them into finished jewels was like watching the most entertaining performance that many would pay hundreds for. She has created asian bridal jewellery, fashion jewellery with very little effort. I tried to get the same results but it came out looking embarrassingly unsightly. I must admit that what she does to make this contemporary jewellery in nothing short of a miracle. How can anyone produce such excellent costume jewellry when using such basic material.

I must tell you of one particular bridal jewellery that she made has always left me in awe, just how much imagination one must have to produce a price of indian bridal jewellery. I admire the way she takes basic raw material and turns them into a crystal jewellery swarovski, I have to admit this lady has talent, but I think that she has great imagination a well developed work ethic and determination to produce the best and highest quality work.

When I have needed gifts I am never short of ideas with her work, she has made gift idea, for men and women, jewellery for men and gifts for a girlfriend. I think I have learn many things by watching Susan and I would say that she is truly a master of her trade.

I define a master as some one who consistanly excells above all other people in their particular field and as such I would say the Susan is a master when it comes to the art of costume jewellry.

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