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Monday, 15 August 2011

Jewels to Make Your Eyes Water

Treasure Islands

What are jewels to make the eyes water, if you think of jewels you may think of the idea of hidden treasure on a treasure island. The idea of finding lost hidden treasure has been the subject of a great number of films over the years. The stories of people searching through the African Continent in search of hidden treasure has also been around for many years. This desire for treasure for the main part may be linked to the idea of becoming rich and wealthy. The fascination of getting large amounts of wealth is an activity that many people in many nationalities seem to be occupied with. People on a weekly and daily basis spend money on various forms of gambling in order to become wealthy and rich. There is even stories of an afterlife where the streets are paved with gold and other precious stones.

Good things in Life

So why is there so much interest in jewellery and why is there such a preoccupation with the idea of getting it. It could be said that having great amounts of jewels and precious stones could be associated with the idea of being rich and wealthy. The desire to be rich is the desire of most normal people. The idea of having more than enough to live on seems to be the main drive in most modern societies. People tend to be working most of there lives to get the good things in life, and this is reflected in many of the large stores that have many of these items on display.

Disgrace to Die Rich

So will mankind's appetite for jewelry, gold and precious stones be satisfied? Is it possible to have enough jewels and wealth? If you look at many of the wealthiest people around today it would possibly seem as though they are continually working towards increasing the wealth that they have. The desire to get more and more never seems to be satisfied. One irony was a statement by the late Andrew Carnegie, he said it is a disgrace to die rich. He had spent most of his life running the steel industry, and had amassed a vast fortune, at one stage it was said he was the richest man on the planet. So what made one of the wealthiest men make a statement as "it is a disgrace to die rich". It would seem that after amassing such a large fortune, he may have looked at life and realised that there is more to life that having vast fortunes.

Loving Relationship

So if people could realise their dream and have jewels to make the eyes water, would that give the satisfaction that is desired. Or are the things that we really desire in life, things that you can not touch with the hands. Could it be that the things that really matter is a loving relationship, or a state of peace in the mind? Or is it possible to have great wealth but also have a loving relationship and a happy life.

Paresh Raja (c) July 2011

Paresh Raja is an author and expert in the field of Jewelery, to find out how you can benefit from quality jewels go to http://www.janeojewels.com/

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