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From around the world, Janeo Jewels presents today's hottest celebrities and budding fashion mavens wearing costume jewellery from 925 sterling silver, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with Swarovski crystals. They are setting the standard for fun and affordable fashion jewellery including leather wrist bands, men's stainless steel jewellery and women's charm bracelets. Janeo takes you center-stage to the juiciest news and hottest trends to hit the costume jewellery industry in years.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet ; Costume jewellery at its best in this Hearts Jewelry from janeojewels.

Our Love Heart Bracelet is a Swarovski Crystal Jewelry; with stunning 3 Hearts shaped Crystals inlaid as a filigree Shamrock Clover pattern. Its our romantic crystals bracelets jewellry, and ideal gift for her. Great price for exclusive designs of quality costume jewellery from janeojewels.
A solid bangle bracelet in a concave shape, with exquisite craftsmanship of jewelry making. In fact quality costume jewellery is rare, and most sell junk or jewelry with short longevity, but in this jewelry shop, everything is exclusive, fine jewelry quality and genuine swarovski and CZ crystals on semi precious finishes such as Rhodium and 14 K Gold. Janeo takes great pride in its jewelry merchandise selection.
It’s a limited edition costume jewellery style and we are sure it will be a favorite when buying for the loved one at Christmas or valentine, or birthday gifts.
Remember, all janeojewels jewelry is all about style and quality, but at unbranded prices; similar costume jewelry in the Swarovski Shop will cost invariably three to four time more.
This style is inlaid wit Clear Swarovski crystals with the All Amethyst clover pattern on a Rhodium plating finish or the multicolor Clover design (Siam red, Topaz and Amethyst) on the 14K gold Finish; both are stunning. Its a great Party and Cocktail cotemporary jewelry that is bound to get the wearer noticed a mile away. It’s a hinged fasten Swarovski Crystal Bracelets jewellery.

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